Tuesday, 31 January 2012

300 reps of brutality

This workout is the first one on my week schedule.

Workout breakdown:

1. Lunge twist - 10 reps
2. Dive bomber burpee - 10 reps
3. Jump lunge and swing - 10 reps
4. Ugi push off - 10 reps
5. Sumo squat - 20 reps
Repeat 5 times.

My time: 30:50 mins. I used 5kg weight, home made rice bag. :)

Jesus christ, this was HARD! Sweating as if I was taking my shower. Will do anyway after my stretching. :)

This week's workout theme

Like many other bodyrockers I decided to challenge myself on weekly basis. I am going to post my workout plans for the week and see, if I can follow it without modifications. If I am to feel sore, then, of course, I'll change it a bit, maybe add one extra rest day or try another workout that does not target my current sore area. :)

I'm going to start with time challenge week. This means I'm going to do time challenges only. I am going to incorporate two rest days in a week and divide working out into two parts - three days of working out, rest day, two workout days and another rest day. I believe I need to give my body enough time to recover and exercising five times in a row seems a lot for me, regarding my previous experiences. Sometimes I tend to over do it and push myself like crazy. As a result I wake up with muscle soreness and decide to rest for the day. Which makes the pain even worse. This is why I decided to focus more on form during my workouts, rather than forcing myself to achieve something my body isn't yet capable of. Thus dividing week's workouts into two parts. :)

Since I slacked yesterday, I consider it a rest day. This means I have one more left for the week. Here are workouts I plan on doing this week:

Monday, 30.1.2012 - rest day
Tuesday, 31.1. - 300 reps of brutality
Wednesday, 1.2. - Red hot
Thursday, 2.2. - Abs now!
Friday, 3.2. - rest day
Saturday, 4.2. - Rock hard abs and Lisa's I won't give up
Sunday, 5.2. - Eight exercises drill

I decided that every week I'm going to pick (or make up) exercises that have something in common - theme weeks. :) Anyone who wants to join in, feel free to do so. I think I'm going to suffer today. those really ARE brutal 300 reps. I'll post my scores, anyway.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Sexy and jacked

An older bodyrock workout that made my body jello again. But I felt so accomplished and satisfied! And now my triceps disagree, but I think I can make it think again. ;)

Here is the workout breakdown and my scores:

Sexy and jacked

1. Low jacks - 20 reps
2. Pike press - 6 reps
3. Mountain climbers - 30 reps
4. Tricep leg lifts - 10 reps
5. Superman/woman in my case ;) - 10 reps
6. Toe touches - 20 reps
7. Leg lifts - 10 reps
8. Toe touches - 20 reps
9. Superwoman - 10 reps
10. Tricep leg lifts - 10 reps
11. Mountain climbers - 30 reps
12. Pike press - 6 reps
13. Low jacks - 20 reps

Repeat the circuit 4 times.

My time: 22:11 mins - aaaah, sweet bodyweight sweat! :)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Working out bodyrock style?

If you'd see me writing this post, I'm a bunch of soreness in a pyjama, sitting in front of my computer, trying to find something interesting to share with you. :) Soreness? I'll tell you why.

I am a bodyrocker and I love it! I found BodyRock.Tv back in october 2010 and it passed approximately two months untill I tryed my first workout, Burpee burnout. During my bodyrock journey I faced many ups and downs (of which I'm going to talk in next posts) regarding working out and eating. It seemed quite a life transformation for me, especially mental.

Speaking of changes, there have been quite some on bodyrock site as well. Since Zuzana, co-founder and heart of home workout movement, left due to a divorce from Frederick, co-founder and camera man, there have been many hosts tking her place. First there was Jess, then Kyla, Sean, Freddy's brother, and now Lisa-Marie. There are more to come as I can see from their Facebook posts, asking female candidates to send pictures and descriptions of themselfs. I guess I'm quite fine with the changes but the spirit Zuzana had is gone with her and we all notice it.

Luckily she decided to come back and do ZWOD (Zuzana's workout of the day). Right now she has her own Youtube channel an has done two ZWODs so far. The second one is the reason I am sore as hell today. :) but I love it! The spirit is back - calm, focused and warm person with the best form during exercises and who obviously nails every point she makes. She knows life and people's psyche and that's what makes her so close to people, that's why she comes forward as understanding, open and warm. That's why thousands follow her. As well as I do. :)

I am looking forward to seeing what she is to prepare for us and follow changes that are to occur along the way. I'm still doing older bodyrock workouts, but I don't think I can call myself bodyrocker anymore. ZWODer?? :)) Naah, just me, a person who likes working out and having fun with it.

Zuzana, I'm glad you're back! :))

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ready, set, GO!

Since I'm a fitness and healthy living enthusiast, this blog is going to be all about physichal and mental health.

I believe that every human being is happier and satisfied when he/she feels good in his/her own skin and mind. It's not just about eating food that satisfies your body's and mind's needs and exercising regularly, but also about the way we think and make decisions every day. We are all physical as well as spiritual individuals and we need positive attitude towards ourselves.

I am not talking about specific and complexe spiritual practices when I say we are spiritual individuals. We all have different interests and different things satisfy us. I'm talking about everything that fulfills us - what we do, music we like to listen, certain hobbies, food, a person in our life, travelling etc. We all need this sort of 'food' to lead satisfying and fulfilling life. But without taking care of our bodies, treating ourselves with good, light and healthy food and keeping them young by exercising and breathing fresh air, all of the other things may seem less likely for us to achieve. For example, if we are overweight or have some medical problems, we won't be able to travel to places we want to go, because it demands condition and good physical and mental preparation.

All of the above usually demands changing our life style. It's hard and it's not a fast process. It's about changing our habits and our mindset. The latter is the most important component in building our new life style. It's our beliefs that we reflect in our behaviour and the way we live. And if it does not feel right for us, then we ought to change something to make it more satisfying for us.

This blog is personal and therefore I'm suiting it according my interests. I'm not an expert in any of the fields I'm about to incorporate and discuss here (yet ;)), so it's open for debate and sharing opinions to anyone who feels the need to discuss these topics. I intend to incorporate some professional views on different kind of topics, but for now I'll close it here.

Anyone who wishes to participate, welcome! Just a note that I will not allow hostile and harmful content to be posted here. Different opinions and views are welcome and I am looking forward to reading comments that will emerge.

Best, M