Friday, 28 September 2012

600 rep sexier body

Wiped out!!! Zuzana was insane! Putting together this never ending exhausting workout was purely mean! And on top of it all I did not come close to her old or new time for this routine. Well, in my difence I've been feeling a bit sick for the past three days (sore throat, low energy etc.), but I pushed myself today and completed this sweat endless session. :)

Here's the workout breakdown:
1. half burpee with calve raise - 60 reps
2. one leg push up - 60 reps
3. jump lunges - 60 reps
4. one leg dead lift - 30 reps each leg
5. crunches with leg extentions - 60 reps
6. prisoner squat & front kick - 60 reps
7. one leg tricep dip - 60 reps
8. one leg jump knee up - 30 reps each leg
9. chest lift - 60 reps
10. over the chair kick - 30 reps each leg
My time was 38:07 min. I managed all push ups in proper form, so that gives me extra points comparing to Zuzana. ;) I'm quite pleased with the result, though I have approx. 10 min in reserve (I know I could finish it inside 30 min). Have a great week-end everyone, I'll probably do the new ZWOW tomorrow morning, but I'm not sure how I'll feel. I certainly won't do a workout on sunday, because I'm going to a friend's picnic and staying there). If not earlier, I'll see you again on monday. Bye! :)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Rock it

My leg and knees felt good today, so I decided on completing one of Bodyrock's earliest workouts. This one was posted back in 2009 and was perfect to do it slowly, concentrating on my form. Here's the workou breakdown:

1. one leg jump touch down - 10 reps on each leg
2. one arm push up - 10 reps alternating arms
3. mountain climber kick up - 20 reps
4. maltese sit up - 20 reps

Completed 4 rounds in 21:47 min.

For a while I'll be doing longer workouts, mostly time challenges, I'll slow the pace down a bit and start concentrating on my form. By doing this I intend to improve my posture during the workouts and prevent injuries. This is why I'll be going back to Bodyrock "old school" workouts from 2009 and 2010. And of course I won't let any new ZWOW out. ;)

On a side note I demolished my old PB (30:39 min), on the other hand this was one of my first ever workouts I did when I started working out with Zuzana. That was approx. 2 years ago. :)

Monday, 24 September 2012

ZWOWs #35 & #32

Monday is always a good day to start something new. I took it as a two workouts day. :) After a leisure week end I needed something to break this sleepy & moody weather mood and kick start a new week.
The routines I picked today tested my injured leg and it held the pressure quite well. I feel just a slight pain every now and then, but I guess it'll be OK, I just have to give it a rest. I might not be able to do a workout tomorrow, but I'll try my best. I'd finally like to challenge myself again with 5 workouts in a week. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, here's ZWOW #35 breakdown:

1. overhead squat leg lift - 10 reps
2. competition burpees - 10 reps
3. pistol squat - 10 reps
4. chair hops - 40 reps
5. dive bombers - 10 reps

Completed 3 rounds in 14:04 min. I used 2 x 7 kg dumbbells (man, it was HAAAARRD!!!). For the first exercise I could not hold them above my head for more than 8 reps and after that I put them on my shoulders (even then was extremely hard on my shoulders!). For pistol squats I did not use any weight and I did them leg assisted (put the extended leg on the floor and helped myself on the way up), because I haven't been practising them for a long time.

ZWOW #32 breakdown:

1. side hops - 60 reps
2. chair dips - 10 reps
3. broad jumps - 10 reps
4. thrusters - 5 reps
5. russian twist - 10 reps

Completed 3 rounds in 8:54 min. I used the same weight as before and for the russian twist only one dumbbell. I did not run at the end, because I felt my foot had enough for one day.

That's all, folks, I'm saying good-bye for today. Hope you'll start another week full of energy despite moody and grey weather (at least that's the way my city's atmosphere feels and looks like today). ;)

Friday, 21 September 2012

The trainer who loved me

I'm done. I've nothing more to say. WO breakdown:

1. jump up & star lift - 60 reps
2. James Bond lunges - 60 reps
3. monkey business exercise - 60 reps
4. side crunch - 30 reps each side
5. breakdance push up & knee tuck - 60 reps

My time: 31:10 min. Had to modify last exercise after 20 reps - both feet on the ground. Time wise I beat my old PB, but I did not modify the last exercise back then, so ... I did and did not beat my PB at the same time. But I will, though, when I loose some excess fat. :P Sigh ...

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Today I revisited a workout I did in may. I picked this one because my shoulders hurt a bit from Chelsea's Vivace #44 workout and I wanted to target my legs. This one was perfect and it gave me the chance to beat my personal best for it.

The workout breakdown and my previous scores are here.
I'm proud to say that I managed to beat my personal best for this workout by mor than one minute, adding an extra 4 kg to my bag. I completed the routine in 16:29 min using 9 kg for dragon lunges!!! :))) Yayyy!!

It feels so great to achieve something you wish for. Even though I couldn't say the same for my weight (it still hasn't dropped one bit), I am quite happy with the way my Primal Blueprint challenge is going. I know I eat too much nuts and somedays fruit and probably more than I need. It's a bit of a challenge for me to stick to this kind of eating habits, but I'm still proud of myself to not giving up right at the beginning of it all. I will regulate my portion sizes and food choices even more, so I'll see what I'll manage to achieve by the end of the three weeks challenge.

See ya! :)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Vivace #44

After a picnic weekend a 32 min workout torture!!! :P Exhausted!!! Chelsea, you are insane!!! Dear me, this was purely brutal and I'm pooped right now! Man, but it certainly feels great! :) Here's the workout breakdown:

48 rounds 10/30 intervals
1. jump lunge & twist - 14, 10
2. push up - 14, 10
3. Ugi V-ups - 9, 7
4. high knees - 80, 68
5. accordion abs - 16, 12 (did knee hugs instead)
6. dive bomber - 7, 6
7. sliding pike - 8, 9
8. high knees - 83, 65
9. bicycle crunches - 10, 10
10. tricep dips - 30, 27
11. side plank lifts (R) - 16, 13
12. high knees - 87, 76
13. side plank lifts (L) - 16, 13
14. squat - 15, 15
15. mountain climbers - 63, 52
16. jumping jacks - 28, 28
17. crab toe touch - 20, 18
18. side lunges - 11, 12
19. leg elevated ab burn - 30, 28
20. jumping jacks - 29, 33
21. roll up toe touch - 6, 6
22. Ugi run - 70, 66
23. leg lift & butt lift - 10, 10
24. jumping jacks - 30, 33

I used 4,5 kg (10lb) weight instead of ugi, I did sliding pike with towel on elevated surface and used the same surface or "step" for Ugi run. Thanks, Chelsea, for helping me kick my butt today! :)

Saturday, 15 September 2012

ZWOW #34

O M G. This workout really kicked my ass. I feel it could even more, but I should use heavier weights. I picked every single weight in my apartment and piled together 2 x 4,5 kg dumbbells and 14 kg ricebag that kept falling appart throughout the routine and pouring rice all over the floor (I have quite a mess to clean up now). ;) Even though I was waaay behind Zuzana's time, I have L-shaped hallway through which I had to drag my sandbag and falling appart ricebag as an excuse for the dismal result. ;) That said, I still got a good burn. Next time I do it, I'll chrash both mine and Zuzana's time. :)

Workout breakdown:
1. squat hops - 20 reps
2. bent over rows - 20 reps
3. walking lunges - 20 reps
4. plank pulls - 20 reps
I completed 3 rounds in 17:33 min. :P

As far as my diet challenge goes, I feel GREAT, I did not overeat nor had cravings. On occasion I eat a bit more fruit as allowed (or desired), but I still feel like I can do this forever! :)))

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Vivace #42

It's been a long time since I did one of Chelsea's Vivace workouts. This one seemed quite fun, so I gave it a go. It really was a good burn (though my scores aren't as good as Chelsea's). Here's the workout breakdown:

21 rounds 10/30 intervals
1. sandbag swing - 17, 16, 17
2. side lunge jumps - 32, 30, 28
3. burpee jump tuck - 7, 5, 5
4. side crunch (R) - 21, 16, 17
5. side crunch (L) - 21, 17, 18
6. mountain climbers - 76, 66, 66
7. reptile push up - 8, 6, 6
Used 7 kg bag for swings.

I'm not sure, if I metioned yet, but I joined 21 day Primal Blueprint challenge. Now I have the inner strength and community support to realise my intentions and desires. I'm really happy to feel I have myself in nearly every aspect under control. It feels great to be the creator of your own life, not just let it by and let everything come to you. Turning from playing passive to active role in your own life is always SO relieving and it fills you with strength and optimism. It really does.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

T-Workout #11

First, I'd like to thank tee-w for posting this workout in one of her comments. And second, another thank you to her for commenting at all. :)
I wasn't planning on doing any workouts today (my period started), but then I just put my workout clothes on, warmed up and killed myself with this routine. I had to modify some of the workouts, since I don't have a dip station and Ugi ball, but still managed to incorporate all the muscle groups I should be working in those exercises. Anyway, here's the workout breakdown:

1. plank toe touch & jump squat - 50 reps
2. leg swing/back lunge/knee raise - 50 reps
3. squat on ugi - 50 reps
4. supergirl plank - 50 reps
5. plank 3 way jumps - in/out and forward - 50 reps
6. squat on ugi - 50 reps
7. leg lift & butt lift - 50 reps
8. plank side to side foot touch - 50 reps
9. squat on ugi - 50 reps

My time for this one was 28:45 min. I modified the second exercises for back lunge & knee raise on my pull up bar - let leg swing out, because I don't have enough space to do it. :) And I did regular squats instead of touching Ugi with my butt. Surprisingly I felt it incredibly in my legs and in my shoulders, towards the end in my abs as well. All I can say is, it's a good full body burn. Thanks, tee-w, for putting it together!
Love, M

Monday, 10 September 2012

Caught stripping fat

Today I revisited an older Zuzana workout. Here's its breakdown and my scores for it:

Part 1
6 minute countdown - complete as many sets as possible of the following routine:
2 commando push ups - roll over - power up - jump forward - mount sandbag onto your upper back - 10 squats - put down sandbag - drop down - roll over = 1 set
I completed 8 full rounds using 7 kg in my bag.

Part 2
6 rounds 10/50 intervals
1. sandbag swing - 29, 27, 26
2. sandbag sit up - 15, 14, 15
Using the same amount of weight as in part 1.

I did not think I would be sweatting as much, but I am! And I managed to complete one more set in the first part than before, in the second part I did not beat my PB, but I was using 3 kg more, so I consider it as an improvement. :) Great one!

Friday, 7 September 2012

ZWOW #33

Aaaaand I'm back on track with ZWOWs! :) This James Bond spy one was a total killer! XP Here's the workout breakdown:

15 min AMRAP
1. side lunge burpee - 10 reps
2. pulse squat jump - 10 reps
3. James Bond lunges - 10 reps
4. side plank leg lift - 15 reps on each side
I managed to complete 2 full rounds and 12 leg lifts on one side. After the timer went off I completed the last 3 reps on one side and 15 on the other to finish the 3rd round. I must say that I was a bit angry to not being able to finish the third round in time. I was like nooooo, f*ck! and I could see disappointment written all over my face. ;) The hardest for me were those leg lifts - my butt and legs hurt like crazy! I'm not sure, how my legs will be grateful for this tomorrow. I just hope it was not too much for my hurt foot.

And what food and eating well is concerned I'm back in the game! :) As I said before, I'm sick of starting over again. And I'm starting to embrace paleo food choices as a part of my life. :)

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

ZWOW #18 revisit

Sometimes it's good to revisit some of the workouts, simply to remember, how hard they are. I will never EVER underastimate this one, because it prooved me that I was neglecting my fitness and health. Sedentary lifestyle (especially for the last few months), whirlwind of beneficial and detrimental eating habits (frequent exchanges of ups and downs) and emotions. I'm going through some profound life changes right now and I'm really excited about my new beginning (starting a career as a fitness trainer! yay! :)), but with it comes forming new habits and I'm facing letting go of my current unprofitable habits and embracing quite a few new ones. Especially concerning being fully adult person. No more excuses, leaning on someone else, counting on people to back me up and do things instead of me ... - these kind of questions. I guess it will take some time to adjust to my new role in (my own) life. Working out is amongst things that lift my mood up and give me that extra boost of confidence, hope and positive attitude towards future.

Anyway, the workout breakdown is here, on this link, as well as my old scores. I did not manage to beat my personal best for this one, my current result is 29:04 min. I had to take a looong break between rounds 3 and 4 (about 5 min), and I stopped my timer during that time. I actually intended to quit after the 3rd round, but I'm proud of myself to have pushed through and completed the whole routine.

As I mentioned before, my eating habits went down a bit - 3 days of non-paleo choices. :P It has a bit to do with my PMS (it happens every month), but the excuse still isn't good enough to let go of everything I worked for the past week. I'm really getting sick of starting over and over again. It doesn't get me anywhere and it just shows, how hesitant and indecisive I act at the moment. And lazy. What's my blog's name again? FOCUS and feel free to fly ... I REALLY need to focus ...

Sunday, 2 September 2012

MyWO #4

Moody weather, weekend, injured foot and plenty of time to spare ... why not put together another routine that will lift my mood up? :) Yes, I mentioned my foot again and it got a bit worse in the last two days. So I have to be careful and take it down a bit. This is the reason why I did not work out yesterday. Because putting extra pressure on my leg worsens the pain, I focused on abs and shoulders. Here's the workout breakdown:

27 rounds 10/30 intervals
1. crab toe touch - 23, 19, 21
2. chin up - 3, 3, 3
3. in and out butt squeeze - 19, 19, 21 (bridge is your starting position, bring your knees apart and squeeze your butt, bring knees together and squeeze your butt = 1 rep)
4. pike slide - 11, 9, 8 (put a piece of paper or a cloth below your feet, start in a plank position, slide feet forward into pike position, slide back = 1 rep)
5. breakdance pike press - 7, 7, 7 (do a turn - like with breakdance push up - into pike position, do pike press, return to the starting position = 1 rep, alt. sides)
6. bicycle - 38, 35, 37
7. one leg bridge (L) - 17, 16, 18
8. one leg bridge (R) - 16, 17, 18
9. sliding push up - 7, 6, 6 (put a cloth below your feet, start in a plank, walk forward with your arms, dragging your feet behind you, do a push up = 1 rep, than walk backwards and do a push up and so on)
I did all chin ups assisted as always. Even though there wasn't any cardio exercises, I got a really good burn and poured some sweat. If you miss cardio, I suggest you switch crab toe touch for kick ups (do kick ups in crab position) and butt squeezes for sumo pulse jump tuck (start in sumo half squat position, do 3 pulses and one jump tuck = 1 rep).

If anyone gives this one a go, please, tell me, how it went. :)