Friday, 18 May 2012

ZWOW #18

This ZWOW is best described as OMG what a torture session! :) I thought I was never going to finish it, but I pushed myself hard, especially after 6 days off. (don't ask ...) :P

Anyway, here's the workout breakdown:
1. burpee step up - 5 reps on each leg
2. round kick back lunge - 15 reps on each leg
3. inverted leg extention - 20 reps
4. tricep dips - 30 reps
I completed 5 rounds in 28:27 min. This - was - HARD! You can totally understand Zuzana pleading for the workout to end. The hardest for me were the last one and backward lunges. I don't think I will be able to do a single burpee tomorrow.

The summer's comming and so is my vacation. I'll pick up a pace and make the best I can to shape up. I was never fond of this kind of preparation, but this year I'll make an exception (and strive to keep on going after my sea adventures are over). ;)

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