Tuesday, 22 May 2012

ZWOW #17

Wall walking, wall touching, wall marching ... here's ZWOW #17! :) Ohhh, I had so much fun doing this one! Could push through another 12 minutes, but I had some other plans for the day, so I stayed with one 12 minute wall session. ;)

Workout breakdown:
12 minutes AMRAP (as many rounds as possibe):
1. wall walk - 5 reps
2. wall lunges - 10 reps (2 lunges count as one rep)
3. plank wall touch - 15 reps (2 touches count as one rep)
4. wall sit with march - 20 reps (2 steps count as one rep)
Managed to push through 3 full rounds and 3 wall walks.

I have to say that shoulders were the place that I felt the most, especially doing plank wall touches. Man, another good one from Zuzana! :)

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