This is my first blog and I decided to dedicate it to well being, vital and fit body, mind and soul. I'll explain, why I named it "focus and feel free to fly".

Focus - I believe that we can truly begin to live, when we put our mind to it. When we focus on how we feel, what we think, what we want, where are we and how we perceive ourselves, others and everything around us, this is the time when we are strong, we can make conscious decisions and be responsible for our actions. This is how we realize ourselves, how we can make the most of our lives and ourselves. This is when we become worthy of being human.

Feel - How and what we feel is crucial to finding a path towards ourselves. If we listen to all benevolent (and not so benevolent) advices, ideas, ideals, theories etc., we are most likely to loose the most precious and needed contact with ourselves, self-awareness. It can only be experienced, if we focus. And feelings are signposts to experiences. Without sensing ourselves, we can easily be mislead and can be lost in our confusing thoughts.

Free - When we focus and sense ourselves, we can experience relief and with it freedom. There are no obstacles for us and we are free to do whatever we want and live the way we wnt to. There is no one that can think instead of us and lead us through our lives. We are our own masterpieces, we hold the brush and choose colours, we are painting and are painted. The creation is ours and we can do it if we put our minds into it.

Fly - Flying is just an act of a free person. This way we show our freedom, that we are not afraid to think our own way, lead a life the way we want and are aware of our worth. This is where body, mind and soul meet and express their magnificence of unique (human) being. To fly, we need to treat all three components equally, with respect and love.

I believe that this kind of power and freedom can be achieved, if we decide to. If we neglect either part of ourselves, the energy flow will slowly start to fade. We will experince imbalance and will be burned sooner or later. This is why I decidede on writing a blog. To raise awareness of importance of paying attention and focusing, whether it's a question of nutrition, exercising, thinking or feeling.

This is why I'm posting my workout schedules and scores, things, considering food and nutrition, and posts to make us think about our lives and mindset. I hope we will all fly someday. This is what I want for everyone.

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