Thursday, 24 January 2013

Farewell and good-bye for a while


I haven't been posting for a while, because I was sick and wasn't working out. Now that I feel better I started with Zuzana's ZWOW #51 and got my tibialis anterior inflamed. So that's it for a while, no jumping around, only Tati's proper form workouts and light cardio (walking, eliptic machine and bike).

A few days ago I joined one of fit challenges that runs in my country for the third time now and I'm writing my food and exercise diary there. This is why I'm "abandoning" this one for a while (3-4months). Beside that I have to get my life in order (change job, move and start focusing on kick-starting my fitness career and planning on going abroad). It will all come together in the following months, so I will focus my energy there. I cannot explain how happy I am about all that is to come, because it feels like I'm finally making a big step in my life and that it's absolutely worth it. :)

I will, however make some random posts, when I'll feel like writing and sharing stuff. Untill then ... :)))

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

ZWOW #50 & Abs of iron

First, I'd like to appologise for slacking on my blogposts to all of you who follow it (if I managed to keep the few of you who actually followed it). ;) I'm posting two workouts that I did recently (on separate days). The first one's Zuzana's latest nr. 50 and the second is one of Tatianna's older full body routines. Here are the workout's breakdowns:

ZWOW #50 - did it on January 6th

1. chair high knees - 10 reps
2. chair step up side kick - 10 reps
3. plank step over - 10 reps
4. chair hops - 10 reps
5. side step up burpee - 10 reps
Completed 5 rounds in 23:29 min. It was absolutely great workout and since I started doing Tati's strength split routines, I felt much stronger with Zuzana's routines (my cardio level is a bit down now, but that's OK, it's nothing I couldn't change).

Abs of iron

1. back lunge & medicine ball chop - 15 reps per side
2. side jump push up - 10 reps
3. front squat chop - 20 reps
4. push ups on medicine ball - 6 reps
5. inward ball pass - 10 reps
Completed 4 rounds in 30:30 min using 2 kg weight. I don't have a medicine ball, so I did diamond push ups instead. I really enjoyed this one, went really fast and left me surprised that it took me that long. However, I feel great! :) And now for a well deserved shower. ;)

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

ZWOW #49 and happy 2013!

Happy 2013 everyone! I wish you all the best in the comming year, let your ambitions be realistically high, your dreams without borders and optimism every step of the way you choose. Make the best possible choces, be content with what you've achieved so far, don't be afraid to challenge yourself and be kind to yourself and your loved ones. I wish you lots of love and wonderful moments. :)

Now onto the first workout after a week's break - 365 rep Zuzka killer! :)

20 kettlebell swings (R)
10 Competition Burpees
20 kettlebell swings (L)
10 Competition Burpees
20 Reptile Push Ups
10 Competition Burpees
20 Side Crunch (R)
10 Competition Burpees
20 Side Crunch (L)
10 Competition Burpess
20 Strict Mountain Climbers
10 Competition Burpees
20 Dragon Backward Lunge Alternating legs with Dumbbells
10 Competition Burpees
20 Side to side weighted Squat
10 Competition Burpees
20 Knee Hugs
10 Competition Burpees
20 Spider
10 Competition Burpees
20 Lunge Press with Dumbbells (L)
10 Competition Burpees
20 Lunge Press with Dumbbells (R)
10 Competition Burpees
5 Jump Squats

Phew! It took me 34:01 min with 2 x 4,5 kg dumbbells. I started having difficult times after the first half of the workout (from dragon lunges on). It was challenging and I'm glad I didn't give in. Such a great way to start this year! :)

Hugs and best wishes to all! :)