Tuesday, 28 February 2012

ZWOWs #6 & #5

I'm back doing workouts. I took a week's break due to my period (as I said in one of my older posts). First I planned to take it easy and start with Zuzana's latest ZWOW #6, but realized after 10 minutes passed I didn't have enough. So I reset my interval timer and kicked my butt with ZWOW #5. :)

Here are workout breakdowns and my scores:

As many rounds as possible in 10 min:
1. pulse plyo jumps - 10 reps
2. side burpee - 8 reps
3. jump leg kick up - 6 reps
Did 4 rounds & 5 burpees, but continued to finih 5th round.

As many rounds as possible in 10 min:
1. bicep curl to shoulder press - 10 reps
2. medicine ball mountain climbers - 30 reps
3. sumo dead lift high pull - 10 reps
4. competition burpees - 5 reps
I was using 2x4,5kg free weights and instead of medicine ball my ricebag. :) Did 3 rounds & 10 mountain climbers, comtinued to finish 4th round.

I struggled through the second ZWOW (even the first one wasn't easy) and I could tell I lost some of my strength during the one week break. But now that I took some rest, I am prepared to build it up again step by step. :)
I also started to follow paleo diet (and way of living), but am still a beginner (so I'm making some modifications :). I feel good and not deprived at all. It may have something to do with my low-carb experimenting in the past, but I feel much better and satisfied now. Thanx to Mark's daily apple, where I get most of information.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

"Ladies' days" and going paleo

This week I decided to go easier on my workouts. The reason for this is pure "woman nature". It's simply this time of month that I need to rest and let everything "wash" away. :) Yes, I'm talking about period.

Normally I wouldn't bring this topic up, but I found this great conversation on Mark's Daily Apple forum that made me think about the intensity of the cycle.

It appears that by eating a certain way, exercising regularly and moving on a daily basis, we (women) can regulate our cycle. At least intensity of it.

I was thinking about it for quite some time. It is annoying that I have to completely stop doing my workouts for a few days, because I appear to be a wounded soldier. ;) Painful and messy. It's not just about postponing working out, but it's every day life that is distracted because back pains and thinking about going to the bathroom frequent enough etc. Besides that, it's antoher expence (sanitary towels and tampons, especially if you're buying organic).

I found a few sites with paleo philosophy about a month ago. Just reading what's behind it makes me feel like I finally found something I can relate to. Something I can stick with and embrace as my lifestyle. And if balanced period is a side product that comes with it, even better! :) I'm still in a phase of gathering information and learning about it, so it will take some time before I will fully harness it. But I can see myself living it and that's the point, I want firm basis for building a strong lifestyle.

I will post impressions about leading something different than I am accustomed to and how I am with it. I may drop it, if I discover I don't like it, but I'm willing to give it a go. I really hope it works. :)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sexy sweat in 400 reps

Second time doing this workout (after 1 year). Breakdown:

1. one leg jump up - 10 reps on each leg
2. ricebag cross lift & row - 20 reps
3. crossed ankle burpee - 20 reps
4. snowboarder - 20 reps
5. one leg bridge & star crunch - 20 reps

Repeat 4 times.

My time: 33:08 min using 7 kg ricebag. First time I did this one I only managed 2 rounds with no weight and push ups from my knees in second round. It took me nearly 25 min! I was a beginner back then. :) I think it's a pretty good time, but I definately have space for improvement. Most difficult exercise for me was snowboarder - my god how my thighs hurt! OUCH! :)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Sexy hot cool

Workout breakdown:

#1 - 10 high knees & 10 explosive push ups - 6 rounds
My time: 4:53 min

#2 - 8 rounds 10/50 interval
1. elevated push up diagonal knee tucks - 8, 8
2. step up (L) - 24, 21
3. step up (R) - 23, 21
4. reverse knee tuck - 30, 31

#3 - 10 mountain climbers (2 jumps one rep) & 10 jump lunges - 6 rounds
My time: 4:06 min

During elevated push ups I felt sharp pain in my right hand, so I had to stop a couple times. Didn't realise I was so weak for step ups. It was an interesting workout, though, had a lot of pain and fun doing it. :)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sexy supremacy

First time doing the workout and it was a good arm burnout. :)

Breakdown and scores:
1. 10 mountain climbers & 1 push up - 5+3mc, 4+1mc, 4, 4
2. one arm ricebag row (alternating) - 13, 16, 16, 14
3. forward & backward lunge with ricebag (L) - 8, 8, 8, 8
4. forward & backward lunge with ricebag (R) - 8, 8, 8, 8
5. reverse push up half way down - 27, 22, 25, 24
6. bicycle - 48, 45, 43, 47

Did it with 7kg weight, reverse push ups off my table. It was a good ab routine, too.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Visions and paths

Today I was wondering, why is it sometimes difficult for me to stick to my desired eating habits, working out and keep thinking positive. It sounds so appealing and desirable, but every now and then I tend to 'let loose' myself and fall into subconscious behaviour, which does me no good. It's so easy to follow momentary impulses, but this does not bring any form of satisfaction.

Having a goal with no background is where most of us fail trying. It's important that we have a vision of ourselves, that we want something in our lives, picture us in future and make plans for it. But if we don't nurture it every day, someday it becomes difficult for us to see it. It's a shame, because it's a source of power and energy for our growth. If we don't have a vision, then our decisions will sooner or later resolve and eventually disappear. We have to give meaning to what we do, otherwise we face never ending circle of failure, quitting and starting over. It does not have any purpose, whatsoever.

But it's not enough to just have a vision. We have to work for it, strive for its and our fulfillment, put our minds to it and make decisions that bring us towards ourselves every day. It's the effort we put into it and ourselves, it's the path that we've walked and the pick ups we had to make along it. It's the path that defines us, our vision (or goal) is just a result of the moves we took. If my vision is to be strong, healthy and satisfied person, then I won't achieve results I want, if I pay attention to negatives and make decisions that are pulling me away from reaching my goals. If I concentrate on taking steps that support me on my way to achieving what I want, then I will succeed. I will fall sometimes, yes. We are not 100% present all the time, not perfect. But when we fall, it's picking ourselves up that makes us firm, it's the reason for becoming self-dependant. And it's a part of the path, it makes the path whole and with it forms purpose. I.e. we give it puropse.

"You are not what you think you are, but you are what you think." is one of my favourite quotes. I even have it as a signature below my mails. :) And it's the best way to conclude today's post with. I have my vision and now it's up to me, how much effort I'm going to put in to achieve it. I know I will some day and I can tell you Im really looking forward for everything it may come along. :)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Workout breakdown:

1. pendulum - 50 reps
2. burpee - 20 reps
3. ricebag swing - 15 reps
4. twist push up toe touch - 10 reps
5. squat - 5 reps
6. jump rope skipping - 2 min

My time: 25:14 min using 7 kg for swings.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

3rd week schedule

This week is going to include two exercises that I'm not comfortable with doing - 'fear management' again, ;) and theme that is going to connect all five different exercises. This time I decided on word 'sexy'. Every wrkout I picked has the word in its name. :) Feeling sexy already? After this week, definately. ;)

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - Sexy shape shifter - this is the one I'm afraid of
Wednesday - Sexy supremacy
Thursday - Sexy hot cool
Friday - rest day
Saturday - Sexy sweat in 400 reps - here comes brutality again
Sunday - Sexy legs exercise challenge

If I won't have enough sexiness after this week, I am going to launch another one. Seems like a fun way of exercising, picking exercises that are somehow connected. I'll see, how my body will agree with it. :)


Workout breakdown:

1. split squat jumps
2. one leg lunge
3. push up with superman
4. skaters

There are five rounds with pyramid like reps - 5, 10, 15, 10, 5.

My time: 16:56 min, using 4,5 kg weight in each hand for one leg lunges.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Bodyrock commercialized

Lately I am sensing commercialization going on It's all about "we are here for you" and not " we hear you", which has been the bodyrock speciality for a couple of years. Seems like with Zuzana departing from it, BR has the urge to propagate everything it does (meaning Freddy & others do).

I LOVED it, because it had this WARMTH and ACCEPTANCE. I feel it has gone. I guess Zuzana is the one that brought us together and now Bodyrock is becoming more and more just another fitness site. It was that welcoming attitude that kept me sticking to bodyrock, that brought me back to it when I stopped and "forced" me to folow it. I LOVED Zuzana's attitude towards herself, others and working out. It's the reason, why I began to regain self-confidence and believe in myself.

With all the "we are the best out there" attitude, I don't FEEL bodyrock anymore. I felt authenticity comming from it, now it's just about "we are the best". The work is still good, it shows on people's comments, but that extra "it" has gone. I began to grow as a person by working out, reading posts and listening to what Zuzana (and Freddy) said, and now with other hosts appearing, it is all about selling fitness. Looks like true bodyrock spirit was Zuzana.

Changes obviously took place and all we can do is either accept them and embrace the new bodyrock, or walk away. It's funny I wrote the exactly the same thing to one girl a while ago, when she was complaining about Zuzana's departure. And up untill now it's been difficult to follow my own advice, because I missed previous climate and couldn't embrace changes. Funny, how things turn. :)

Luckily Zuzana started her own fitness career (Facebook and Twitter) and now there is another option for working out. I love what bodyrock provided for me for about a year. And now I love the fact that I learned a lesson by embracing changes that happened. When pupil is ready, teacher comes. It tought me, by kicking me off the Facebook site, erasing my comments on the website and watching me closely posting them, that there is no need to change things. It was a message: "we are here, take it or leave it". This is where my strength lies - I can decide, whether or not I am going to blow in the same horn, or make my own mind, whether I am going to push my opinion forward and getting banned again and again, or face the circumstances, make peace with it and move on.

I still visit bodyrock on daily basis and browse the workout archive, but I stopped commenting and reading texts. I decide, what I am going to do with what is presented to me. This means freedom. :)

Thursday, 9 February 2012

New 400 rep workout - great for six pack

OH, MY GOD! I DID IT!!!!!! :)))))) I decided on doing it earlier than I planned, because I knew I was going to spend sunday with my boyfriend and I was probably going to skip it or take it easy and maybe do just two rounds. Anyway, here is the workout breakdown:

1. one leg burpee - 5 reps on each leg
2. burpee knee raises - 10 reps
3. side burpee knee tuck - 5 reps on each side
4. burpee step up - 5 reps on each leg
5. burpee roll over - 10 reps
6. sumo burpees - 10 reps
7. burpee pull up (substituted pull ups for free weights row, 4,5 kg each) - 10 reps
8. half burpee jump over - 10 reps
9. 2x jump lunge & 2x tapping push up - 10 reps
10. frog burpee - 10 reps
Complete 4 rounds.
My time: 1:12:17.

I had to start modifying exercises after the second round, I also took two short breaks. After the second round I already decided it was eough, but somehow I convinced myself to try another one, this time modified. After the third round I checked my time and said to myself: "if I came so far and if there are others that completed this torture session, I can pull off the final round." And I did. I started shuffling exercises, so I did ones that I felt were the hardest first, and saved "easier" for the end.

I am exhausted, but I am pleased I put myself through this calvary. Comparing to this one, those 20 minute workouts seem like a joke. I can honestly say I won't do it again. ;)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New 300 rep workout

Second workout of the week, first torture session of the next few weeks.

Workout breakdown:

1. side lunge knee tuck (L) - 30 reps
2. side lunge knee tuck (R) - 30 reps
3. plank jump push up & roll over - 30 reps
4. side crunch - 15 reps on each side
5. ricebag swing - 15 reps on each arm
6. pull ups (substituted by reverse push ups) - 30 reps
7. 1-2-3 one leg half squat - 15 reps on each leg
8. knee raises (on chair station) - 30 reps
9. 3 low jacks & jump up - 30 reps
10. tripple knee tuck & side step push up - 30 reps

My time: 28:57 min using 7 kg weight.

Jesus, this was HARD! I realized it's not going to be easy during the first set of side lunges. Hell began after swings. I was using a chair for one leg squats. It was easier this way, though I wasn't helping myself with hands. I definately kicked my own ass with this one, though I'm not satisfied with holding a chair. I still managed to beat my old scores by nearly 5:30 min. :)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bad girl

Breakdown of the first workout on second week schedule:

18 rounds 10/50 interval
1. high knees with jump rope - 114, 95, 102, 96, 95, 108
2. sandbag (rice bag) squat - 23, 22, 20, 19, 19, 20
3. knee raises on chair station :) - 25, 21, 21, 21, 20, 21

Using 7 kg in my bag - added two kilos to my usual weight. Plus did 12 min of interval skipping (high knees), 10/20 intervals. I had a good burn, getting ready for tomorrow's torture. :oP

Monday, 6 February 2012

Eight exercises drill

The last workout of the first week! :)

Workout breakdown:

1. walking lunges - 30 reps
2. squats - 15 reps
3. side lunges - 30 reps
4. mountain climbers - 50 reps
5. push ups - 15 reps
6. step ups - 30 reps
7. backward lunges - 30 reps
8. plank & rows - 15 reps

My time: 25:17 min using 2x 4,5 kg free weights. This was hard for me, because I've never worked out with 9 kg weight before. The heaviest was my usual 5 kg rice bag. It was quite a challenge, especially rows. I'm still happy with my performance. :)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Week schedule nr. 2

Before I finish this week with an older Zuzana routine, I decided to put together another week schedule. When I was deciding on theme that will connect all the workouts together, I was thinking about one thing that has recently been occuring in my life. That 'thing' is living my life for myself.

I tend to put others before me, so this way I can avoid asking myself what do I want to do with my life, who am I, what do I want etc. It's a lovely distracting mindset and it's also a tool with which I so spectacularly fool myself that I am living the life I want to. It's the biggest lie I can tell myself and I'm dragging myself away from taking responsibility for my behaviour and decisions. It's so easy to blame it on someone or everyone else. Being alive and taking conscious decisions takes courage.

This is the reason, why I decided that for the next few weeks each week is going to incorporate at least one pf the routines that intimidate me and which I somewhat decided I'm not gonna do (some of them again). It's all about conquering fear and taking courageous decisions.

This week is the first to incorporate at least one in my opinion dreadful workout. Others are randomly picked, but in a way I won't put too much pressuse on my body at once. Three of them are new for me, two I've done before. Here is the second workout schedule:

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - Bad girl
Wednesday - New 300 rep workout (nr. 1 on my fear list this week;)
Thursday - New 400 rep workout - great for sixpack (and for conquering my fear!:)
Friday - rest day
Saturday - ZWOW #3
Sunday - ZWOW #4

There are two brutal workouts here and I truly hope I won't die doing 400 burpees. Just thinking of it is making me nervous. :P Wish me luck! :)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Rock hard abs and I won't give up

This week schedule is turning out to be quite demanding but full of new challenges and satisfaction, beating my old personal bests and pushing myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. I really love it!

 I originally planned on doing only Rock hard abs workout, but when I was finished, it just felt incomplete, so I decided on a shorter challenge I did one month ago.

Workout breakdown for Rock hard abs:

1. 10 high knees to 10 mountain climbers - 5 reps
2. knee raises (on my 'chair station' :)) - 5 reps
3. ninja jump to half burpee - 5 reps
Repeat 7 times.

My time: 14:53 min. I couldn't believe my time, yet I pushed really hard for this one. SO happy with my effort! :)

I won't give up workout breakdown:

1. high knees with jump rope - 75 reps
2. knee raises on chair station :) - 25 reps
Repeat 4 times.

My time: 7:35 min, more than 1:20 min faster than my previous time! :)

I did a great ab burning 22:28 mins today and I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's legs-ass torture. ;)

Friday, 3 February 2012

Abs now! workout

Third workout of my week schedule. I postponed it for a day due to incredible pain in my shoulders from previous workout - Red hot WO. :P

Workout breakdown:

1. Lunge back & press up - 50 reps
2. Super girl plank - 50 reps
3. Sumo squat - 50 reps
4. Reptile plank - 50 reps
5. Jump lunges - 50 reps
6. Santana plank - 50 reps
7. Jump forward & 2 jumps back - 50 reps
8. Mini squats - 50 reps

With 5 kg rice bag.

My time: 19:11 min, managed to beat my old score by more than 4 minutes with one extra kilo in my bag!!! :)))

Plus did an extra 10 minutes of jump rope skipping, 10/20 intervals.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Red hot workout

Second workout from my first week schedule.

Workout breakdown:

1. 10 seated pull ups (replaced with reverse push ups off my table :)) and 10 knee crunches - 10 reps
2. High knees with jump rope - 500 reps
3. Core twist push up - 50 reps
4. High knees - 500 reps
5. Sandbag (in my case 5 kg rice bag) hip thrust - 50 reps

My time: 28:40 min.

Killed my shoulders, killed my arms, killed my butt and never ending high knees ... Even though it's not a great time, I managed to achieve approximately the same time as I did when I first tryed it. Except I used my skipping rope this time and decided on more demanding reverse push ups instead of seated pull ups. I consider it as a good effort. :)

Our body through time

Food intake is one of our most basic needs. Since our bodies are still 'animal like' and led by instincts, it is in our nature to gulp down everything in front of us. Regarding our hunter past this kind of behaviour is completely understandable and normal. But creatures we were back then were living in different circumstances and had differend 'life style' to say so.

We were insecure of whether and when we are going to find food. These kind of experiences led us to conclusions that it's better to make some (caloric) excess and our bodies got used to store fat for source of survival in times of lack and food shortage. These instinct-based habits are still present and in our current world of abundance and prosperity are the reason why so many people are overweight, tend to overfeed themselves and therefore 'eat' their way to many diseases.

I'm guessing that diseases would be less occuring, if we lived amongst food we knew for thousands of years, that are plants (fruits, vegetables), meat and in rare cases fats (nuts). (I'm not a nutricionist, so I appologise if I divided them wrong, I just want to make a point and clarify my concept :)) Since we learned how to eat grains and preserve food, we are exposed to something our bodies have not yet learned how to digest and treat properly. It adapts, yes, but slowly. Certainly not at the kind of speed wee feed grains to it.

Grains present quick source of energy which is meant to be 'burned'. When we eat something, it turns into energy (roughly said) for living. In the past, this meant hunting again, migrations, fighting diseases, defending tribes from danger, and in cubs' case playing. If we don't need it at the moment, our body stores excess as fat for the time it'll need energy again. So now that we eat a lot of 'quick' energy and sit most of the time, our body stores more and more fat.

Nowadays almost all of us cary some extra fat we don't need. Some IS needed. It keeps us warm, it helps in times when we are not well and have to get over a disease and is a component of a healthy body. It has always been. But it's layers of it that pose a threat to our health, and it's nearly fat-free fad that does the same. Being super ripped is somewhat similar to being overweight. It does not serve any purpose and it has nothing to do with keeping our bodies healthy.

What I wanted to point out was, we need fat in order to be healthy. Vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs and nuts are what our bodies essencially needs. Grains are good, but in modest quantities. Keeping ourelves active is also crucial for our health, it is what we are used to. If our goal is to maintain a healthy body, we need to treat it right, and support our decision and effort with positive mindset. We are human beings. If we do not feel satisfied, than we feed our mind and body with 'quick energy rush' and store it as fat. We don't need to stress, either. It's our purpose so search for satisfaction. And something tells me it's not in the way the man behind computer chose. You can see it from his posture. Round backbone makes a good place for a whip. :)

Stay positive and reasonably 'fat'. ;)