Sunday, 5 February 2012

Week schedule nr. 2

Before I finish this week with an older Zuzana routine, I decided to put together another week schedule. When I was deciding on theme that will connect all the workouts together, I was thinking about one thing that has recently been occuring in my life. That 'thing' is living my life for myself.

I tend to put others before me, so this way I can avoid asking myself what do I want to do with my life, who am I, what do I want etc. It's a lovely distracting mindset and it's also a tool with which I so spectacularly fool myself that I am living the life I want to. It's the biggest lie I can tell myself and I'm dragging myself away from taking responsibility for my behaviour and decisions. It's so easy to blame it on someone or everyone else. Being alive and taking conscious decisions takes courage.

This is the reason, why I decided that for the next few weeks each week is going to incorporate at least one pf the routines that intimidate me and which I somewhat decided I'm not gonna do (some of them again). It's all about conquering fear and taking courageous decisions.

This week is the first to incorporate at least one in my opinion dreadful workout. Others are randomly picked, but in a way I won't put too much pressuse on my body at once. Three of them are new for me, two I've done before. Here is the second workout schedule:

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - Bad girl
Wednesday - New 300 rep workout (nr. 1 on my fear list this week;)
Thursday - New 400 rep workout - great for sixpack (and for conquering my fear!:)
Friday - rest day
Saturday - ZWOW #3
Sunday - ZWOW #4

There are two brutal workouts here and I truly hope I won't die doing 400 burpees. Just thinking of it is making me nervous. :P Wish me luck! :)

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