Sunday, 12 February 2012

3rd week schedule

This week is going to include two exercises that I'm not comfortable with doing - 'fear management' again, ;) and theme that is going to connect all five different exercises. This time I decided on word 'sexy'. Every wrkout I picked has the word in its name. :) Feeling sexy already? After this week, definately. ;)

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - Sexy shape shifter - this is the one I'm afraid of
Wednesday - Sexy supremacy
Thursday - Sexy hot cool
Friday - rest day
Saturday - Sexy sweat in 400 reps - here comes brutality again
Sunday - Sexy legs exercise challenge

If I won't have enough sexiness after this week, I am going to launch another one. Seems like a fun way of exercising, picking exercises that are somehow connected. I'll see, how my body will agree with it. :)

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