Saturday, 4 February 2012

Rock hard abs and I won't give up

This week schedule is turning out to be quite demanding but full of new challenges and satisfaction, beating my old personal bests and pushing myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. I really love it!

 I originally planned on doing only Rock hard abs workout, but when I was finished, it just felt incomplete, so I decided on a shorter challenge I did one month ago.

Workout breakdown for Rock hard abs:

1. 10 high knees to 10 mountain climbers - 5 reps
2. knee raises (on my 'chair station' :)) - 5 reps
3. ninja jump to half burpee - 5 reps
Repeat 7 times.

My time: 14:53 min. I couldn't believe my time, yet I pushed really hard for this one. SO happy with my effort! :)

I won't give up workout breakdown:

1. high knees with jump rope - 75 reps
2. knee raises on chair station :) - 25 reps
Repeat 4 times.

My time: 7:35 min, more than 1:20 min faster than my previous time! :)

I did a great ab burning 22:28 mins today and I'm already looking forward to tomorrow's legs-ass torture. ;)

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