Thursday, 23 February 2012

"Ladies' days" and going paleo

This week I decided to go easier on my workouts. The reason for this is pure "woman nature". It's simply this time of month that I need to rest and let everything "wash" away. :) Yes, I'm talking about period.

Normally I wouldn't bring this topic up, but I found this great conversation on Mark's Daily Apple forum that made me think about the intensity of the cycle.

It appears that by eating a certain way, exercising regularly and moving on a daily basis, we (women) can regulate our cycle. At least intensity of it.

I was thinking about it for quite some time. It is annoying that I have to completely stop doing my workouts for a few days, because I appear to be a wounded soldier. ;) Painful and messy. It's not just about postponing working out, but it's every day life that is distracted because back pains and thinking about going to the bathroom frequent enough etc. Besides that, it's antoher expence (sanitary towels and tampons, especially if you're buying organic).

I found a few sites with paleo philosophy about a month ago. Just reading what's behind it makes me feel like I finally found something I can relate to. Something I can stick with and embrace as my lifestyle. And if balanced period is a side product that comes with it, even better! :) I'm still in a phase of gathering information and learning about it, so it will take some time before I will fully harness it. But I can see myself living it and that's the point, I want firm basis for building a strong lifestyle.

I will post impressions about leading something different than I am accustomed to and how I am with it. I may drop it, if I discover I don't like it, but I'm willing to give it a go. I really hope it works. :)

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