Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Our body through time

Food intake is one of our most basic needs. Since our bodies are still 'animal like' and led by instincts, it is in our nature to gulp down everything in front of us. Regarding our hunter past this kind of behaviour is completely understandable and normal. But creatures we were back then were living in different circumstances and had differend 'life style' to say so.

We were insecure of whether and when we are going to find food. These kind of experiences led us to conclusions that it's better to make some (caloric) excess and our bodies got used to store fat for source of survival in times of lack and food shortage. These instinct-based habits are still present and in our current world of abundance and prosperity are the reason why so many people are overweight, tend to overfeed themselves and therefore 'eat' their way to many diseases.

I'm guessing that diseases would be less occuring, if we lived amongst food we knew for thousands of years, that are plants (fruits, vegetables), meat and in rare cases fats (nuts). (I'm not a nutricionist, so I appologise if I divided them wrong, I just want to make a point and clarify my concept :)) Since we learned how to eat grains and preserve food, we are exposed to something our bodies have not yet learned how to digest and treat properly. It adapts, yes, but slowly. Certainly not at the kind of speed wee feed grains to it.

Grains present quick source of energy which is meant to be 'burned'. When we eat something, it turns into energy (roughly said) for living. In the past, this meant hunting again, migrations, fighting diseases, defending tribes from danger, and in cubs' case playing. If we don't need it at the moment, our body stores excess as fat for the time it'll need energy again. So now that we eat a lot of 'quick' energy and sit most of the time, our body stores more and more fat.

Nowadays almost all of us cary some extra fat we don't need. Some IS needed. It keeps us warm, it helps in times when we are not well and have to get over a disease and is a component of a healthy body. It has always been. But it's layers of it that pose a threat to our health, and it's nearly fat-free fad that does the same. Being super ripped is somewhat similar to being overweight. It does not serve any purpose and it has nothing to do with keeping our bodies healthy.

What I wanted to point out was, we need fat in order to be healthy. Vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs and nuts are what our bodies essencially needs. Grains are good, but in modest quantities. Keeping ourelves active is also crucial for our health, it is what we are used to. If our goal is to maintain a healthy body, we need to treat it right, and support our decision and effort with positive mindset. We are human beings. If we do not feel satisfied, than we feed our mind and body with 'quick energy rush' and store it as fat. We don't need to stress, either. It's our purpose so search for satisfaction. And something tells me it's not in the way the man behind computer chose. You can see it from his posture. Round backbone makes a good place for a whip. :)

Stay positive and reasonably 'fat'. ;)

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