Wednesday, 8 February 2012

New 300 rep workout

Second workout of the week, first torture session of the next few weeks.

Workout breakdown:

1. side lunge knee tuck (L) - 30 reps
2. side lunge knee tuck (R) - 30 reps
3. plank jump push up & roll over - 30 reps
4. side crunch - 15 reps on each side
5. ricebag swing - 15 reps on each arm
6. pull ups (substituted by reverse push ups) - 30 reps
7. 1-2-3 one leg half squat - 15 reps on each leg
8. knee raises (on chair station) - 30 reps
9. 3 low jacks & jump up - 30 reps
10. tripple knee tuck & side step push up - 30 reps

My time: 28:57 min using 7 kg weight.

Jesus, this was HARD! I realized it's not going to be easy during the first set of side lunges. Hell began after swings. I was using a chair for one leg squats. It was easier this way, though I wasn't helping myself with hands. I definately kicked my own ass with this one, though I'm not satisfied with holding a chair. I still managed to beat my old scores by nearly 5:30 min. :)

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