Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Red hot workout

Second workout from my first week schedule.

Workout breakdown:

1. 10 seated pull ups (replaced with reverse push ups off my table :)) and 10 knee crunches - 10 reps
2. High knees with jump rope - 500 reps
3. Core twist push up - 50 reps
4. High knees - 500 reps
5. Sandbag (in my case 5 kg rice bag) hip thrust - 50 reps

My time: 28:40 min.

Killed my shoulders, killed my arms, killed my butt and never ending high knees ... Even though it's not a great time, I managed to achieve approximately the same time as I did when I first tryed it. Except I used my skipping rope this time and decided on more demanding reverse push ups instead of seated pull ups. I consider it as a good effort. :)

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