Tuesday, 31 January 2012

This week's workout theme

Like many other bodyrockers I decided to challenge myself on weekly basis. I am going to post my workout plans for the week and see, if I can follow it without modifications. If I am to feel sore, then, of course, I'll change it a bit, maybe add one extra rest day or try another workout that does not target my current sore area. :)

I'm going to start with time challenge week. This means I'm going to do time challenges only. I am going to incorporate two rest days in a week and divide working out into two parts - three days of working out, rest day, two workout days and another rest day. I believe I need to give my body enough time to recover and exercising five times in a row seems a lot for me, regarding my previous experiences. Sometimes I tend to over do it and push myself like crazy. As a result I wake up with muscle soreness and decide to rest for the day. Which makes the pain even worse. This is why I decided to focus more on form during my workouts, rather than forcing myself to achieve something my body isn't yet capable of. Thus dividing week's workouts into two parts. :)

Since I slacked yesterday, I consider it a rest day. This means I have one more left for the week. Here are workouts I plan on doing this week:

Monday, 30.1.2012 - rest day
Tuesday, 31.1. - 300 reps of brutality
Wednesday, 1.2. - Red hot
Thursday, 2.2. - Abs now!
Friday, 3.2. - rest day
Saturday, 4.2. - Rock hard abs and Lisa's I won't give up
Sunday, 5.2. - Eight exercises drill

I decided that every week I'm going to pick (or make up) exercises that have something in common - theme weeks. :) Anyone who wants to join in, feel free to do so. I think I'm going to suffer today. those really ARE brutal 300 reps. I'll post my scores, anyway.

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