Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ready, set, GO!

Since I'm a fitness and healthy living enthusiast, this blog is going to be all about physichal and mental health.

I believe that every human being is happier and satisfied when he/she feels good in his/her own skin and mind. It's not just about eating food that satisfies your body's and mind's needs and exercising regularly, but also about the way we think and make decisions every day. We are all physical as well as spiritual individuals and we need positive attitude towards ourselves.

I am not talking about specific and complexe spiritual practices when I say we are spiritual individuals. We all have different interests and different things satisfy us. I'm talking about everything that fulfills us - what we do, music we like to listen, certain hobbies, food, a person in our life, travelling etc. We all need this sort of 'food' to lead satisfying and fulfilling life. But without taking care of our bodies, treating ourselves with good, light and healthy food and keeping them young by exercising and breathing fresh air, all of the other things may seem less likely for us to achieve. For example, if we are overweight or have some medical problems, we won't be able to travel to places we want to go, because it demands condition and good physical and mental preparation.

All of the above usually demands changing our life style. It's hard and it's not a fast process. It's about changing our habits and our mindset. The latter is the most important component in building our new life style. It's our beliefs that we reflect in our behaviour and the way we live. And if it does not feel right for us, then we ought to change something to make it more satisfying for us.

This blog is personal and therefore I'm suiting it according my interests. I'm not an expert in any of the fields I'm about to incorporate and discuss here (yet ;)), so it's open for debate and sharing opinions to anyone who feels the need to discuss these topics. I intend to incorporate some professional views on different kind of topics, but for now I'll close it here.

Anyone who wishes to participate, welcome! Just a note that I will not allow hostile and harmful content to be posted here. Different opinions and views are welcome and I am looking forward to reading comments that will emerge.

Best, M

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