Friday, 10 February 2012

Bodyrock commercialized

Lately I am sensing commercialization going on It's all about "we are here for you" and not " we hear you", which has been the bodyrock speciality for a couple of years. Seems like with Zuzana departing from it, BR has the urge to propagate everything it does (meaning Freddy & others do).

I LOVED it, because it had this WARMTH and ACCEPTANCE. I feel it has gone. I guess Zuzana is the one that brought us together and now Bodyrock is becoming more and more just another fitness site. It was that welcoming attitude that kept me sticking to bodyrock, that brought me back to it when I stopped and "forced" me to folow it. I LOVED Zuzana's attitude towards herself, others and working out. It's the reason, why I began to regain self-confidence and believe in myself.

With all the "we are the best out there" attitude, I don't FEEL bodyrock anymore. I felt authenticity comming from it, now it's just about "we are the best". The work is still good, it shows on people's comments, but that extra "it" has gone. I began to grow as a person by working out, reading posts and listening to what Zuzana (and Freddy) said, and now with other hosts appearing, it is all about selling fitness. Looks like true bodyrock spirit was Zuzana.

Changes obviously took place and all we can do is either accept them and embrace the new bodyrock, or walk away. It's funny I wrote the exactly the same thing to one girl a while ago, when she was complaining about Zuzana's departure. And up untill now it's been difficult to follow my own advice, because I missed previous climate and couldn't embrace changes. Funny, how things turn. :)

Luckily Zuzana started her own fitness career (Facebook and Twitter) and now there is another option for working out. I love what bodyrock provided for me for about a year. And now I love the fact that I learned a lesson by embracing changes that happened. When pupil is ready, teacher comes. It tought me, by kicking me off the Facebook site, erasing my comments on the website and watching me closely posting them, that there is no need to change things. It was a message: "we are here, take it or leave it". This is where my strength lies - I can decide, whether or not I am going to blow in the same horn, or make my own mind, whether I am going to push my opinion forward and getting banned again and again, or face the circumstances, make peace with it and move on.

I still visit bodyrock on daily basis and browse the workout archive, but I stopped commenting and reading texts. I decide, what I am going to do with what is presented to me. This means freedom. :)

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