Thursday, 3 May 2012

ZWOW #14

Today's killer was ZWOW #14 that left me muscle-dead. I guess I was still exhausted and sore from the last two workout days, but I pushed through the routine and was lucky to survive. :) Man, that was HARD!

Here's the workout breakdown:
1. push press - 10 reps
2. thruster - 10 reps
3. back curl lunge - 10 reps
4. preacher curls - 10 reps
5. weighted jump lunge - 10 reps (no weight - knee injury)
6. broad jump burpee - 10 reps
I completed 5 rounds in 24:34 min. I had to do some modifications to adjust the workout to my current fitness level. For most exercises I used 2 x 4,5 kg weights. Like I wrote above, I dropped weights for jump lunges and from second round on I used only one weight for preacher curles. Burpees were exhausting and those preacher curles should be renamed to "praying" or "pleading" curles - they surely made me pleading for air and the end of this routine. :P

It seems to me that ZWOW's are more demanding than Bodyrock routines. After Zuzana's routines I am more jello-like, wobbly, barely walking silhouette than after Lisa-Marie's routines.

That's it for today and I will be back with another workout results tomorrow or maybe a day after. :)

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