Monday, 24 September 2012

ZWOWs #35 & #32

Monday is always a good day to start something new. I took it as a two workouts day. :) After a leisure week end I needed something to break this sleepy & moody weather mood and kick start a new week.
The routines I picked today tested my injured leg and it held the pressure quite well. I feel just a slight pain every now and then, but I guess it'll be OK, I just have to give it a rest. I might not be able to do a workout tomorrow, but I'll try my best. I'd finally like to challenge myself again with 5 workouts in a week. We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, here's ZWOW #35 breakdown:

1. overhead squat leg lift - 10 reps
2. competition burpees - 10 reps
3. pistol squat - 10 reps
4. chair hops - 40 reps
5. dive bombers - 10 reps

Completed 3 rounds in 14:04 min. I used 2 x 7 kg dumbbells (man, it was HAAAARRD!!!). For the first exercise I could not hold them above my head for more than 8 reps and after that I put them on my shoulders (even then was extremely hard on my shoulders!). For pistol squats I did not use any weight and I did them leg assisted (put the extended leg on the floor and helped myself on the way up), because I haven't been practising them for a long time.

ZWOW #32 breakdown:

1. side hops - 60 reps
2. chair dips - 10 reps
3. broad jumps - 10 reps
4. thrusters - 5 reps
5. russian twist - 10 reps

Completed 3 rounds in 8:54 min. I used the same weight as before and for the russian twist only one dumbbell. I did not run at the end, because I felt my foot had enough for one day.

That's all, folks, I'm saying good-bye for today. Hope you'll start another week full of energy despite moody and grey weather (at least that's the way my city's atmosphere feels and looks like today). ;)


  1. I'm so sad.. I can't do this workouts :( My school year began and I live in my room with 2 roommates now..
    Nice scores btw :)

    1. Oh, thanks!
      Why not try and invite them to work out with you? Or one after another and compare scores? I find it quite a unique way to bond with your mates. ;)

    2. They don't understand why I'm doing this exercise. They are stupid :D But I'm going at home every weekend, so I will work out in this two days.

      (I hope you understand me, because my English isn't good)