Friday, 7 September 2012

ZWOW #33

Aaaaand I'm back on track with ZWOWs! :) This James Bond spy one was a total killer! XP Here's the workout breakdown:

15 min AMRAP
1. side lunge burpee - 10 reps
2. pulse squat jump - 10 reps
3. James Bond lunges - 10 reps
4. side plank leg lift - 15 reps on each side
I managed to complete 2 full rounds and 12 leg lifts on one side. After the timer went off I completed the last 3 reps on one side and 15 on the other to finish the 3rd round. I must say that I was a bit angry to not being able to finish the third round in time. I was like nooooo, f*ck! and I could see disappointment written all over my face. ;) The hardest for me were those leg lifts - my butt and legs hurt like crazy! I'm not sure, how my legs will be grateful for this tomorrow. I just hope it was not too much for my hurt foot.

And what food and eating well is concerned I'm back in the game! :) As I said before, I'm sick of starting over again. And I'm starting to embrace paleo food choices as a part of my life. :)

1 comment:

  1. I also did this Zwow on friday! I made it through 2 rounds, the burpees and 4 pulse squat jumps. the side plank leg lifts about killed me and I had to have one knee down! lol