Wednesday, 5 September 2012

ZWOW #18 revisit

Sometimes it's good to revisit some of the workouts, simply to remember, how hard they are. I will never EVER underastimate this one, because it prooved me that I was neglecting my fitness and health. Sedentary lifestyle (especially for the last few months), whirlwind of beneficial and detrimental eating habits (frequent exchanges of ups and downs) and emotions. I'm going through some profound life changes right now and I'm really excited about my new beginning (starting a career as a fitness trainer! yay! :)), but with it comes forming new habits and I'm facing letting go of my current unprofitable habits and embracing quite a few new ones. Especially concerning being fully adult person. No more excuses, leaning on someone else, counting on people to back me up and do things instead of me ... - these kind of questions. I guess it will take some time to adjust to my new role in (my own) life. Working out is amongst things that lift my mood up and give me that extra boost of confidence, hope and positive attitude towards future.

Anyway, the workout breakdown is here, on this link, as well as my old scores. I did not manage to beat my personal best for this one, my current result is 29:04 min. I had to take a looong break between rounds 3 and 4 (about 5 min), and I stopped my timer during that time. I actually intended to quit after the 3rd round, but I'm proud of myself to have pushed through and completed the whole routine.

As I mentioned before, my eating habits went down a bit - 3 days of non-paleo choices. :P It has a bit to do with my PMS (it happens every month), but the excuse still isn't good enough to let go of everything I worked for the past week. I'm really getting sick of starting over and over again. It doesn't get me anywhere and it just shows, how hesitant and indecisive I act at the moment. And lazy. What's my blog's name again? FOCUS and feel free to fly ... I REALLY need to focus ...

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