Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Today I revisited a workout I did in may. I picked this one because my shoulders hurt a bit from Chelsea's Vivace #44 workout and I wanted to target my legs. This one was perfect and it gave me the chance to beat my personal best for it.

The workout breakdown and my previous scores are here.
I'm proud to say that I managed to beat my personal best for this workout by mor than one minute, adding an extra 4 kg to my bag. I completed the routine in 16:29 min using 9 kg for dragon lunges!!! :))) Yayyy!!

It feels so great to achieve something you wish for. Even though I couldn't say the same for my weight (it still hasn't dropped one bit), I am quite happy with the way my Primal Blueprint challenge is going. I know I eat too much nuts and somedays fruit and probably more than I need. It's a bit of a challenge for me to stick to this kind of eating habits, but I'm still proud of myself to not giving up right at the beginning of it all. I will regulate my portion sizes and food choices even more, so I'll see what I'll manage to achieve by the end of the three weeks challenge.

See ya! :)

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