Thursday, 13 September 2012

Vivace #42

It's been a long time since I did one of Chelsea's Vivace workouts. This one seemed quite fun, so I gave it a go. It really was a good burn (though my scores aren't as good as Chelsea's). Here's the workout breakdown:

21 rounds 10/30 intervals
1. sandbag swing - 17, 16, 17
2. side lunge jumps - 32, 30, 28
3. burpee jump tuck - 7, 5, 5
4. side crunch (R) - 21, 16, 17
5. side crunch (L) - 21, 17, 18
6. mountain climbers - 76, 66, 66
7. reptile push up - 8, 6, 6
Used 7 kg bag for swings.

I'm not sure, if I metioned yet, but I joined 21 day Primal Blueprint challenge. Now I have the inner strength and community support to realise my intentions and desires. I'm really happy to feel I have myself in nearly every aspect under control. It feels great to be the creator of your own life, not just let it by and let everything come to you. Turning from playing passive to active role in your own life is always SO relieving and it fills you with strength and optimism. It really does.


  1. good for you joining the primal blueprint challenge! I've been reading his book, and just saw his post about this last night. I'm currently on day 10 of a whole 30!