Saturday, 15 September 2012

ZWOW #34

O M G. This workout really kicked my ass. I feel it could even more, but I should use heavier weights. I picked every single weight in my apartment and piled together 2 x 4,5 kg dumbbells and 14 kg ricebag that kept falling appart throughout the routine and pouring rice all over the floor (I have quite a mess to clean up now). ;) Even though I was waaay behind Zuzana's time, I have L-shaped hallway through which I had to drag my sandbag and falling appart ricebag as an excuse for the dismal result. ;) That said, I still got a good burn. Next time I do it, I'll chrash both mine and Zuzana's time. :)

Workout breakdown:
1. squat hops - 20 reps
2. bent over rows - 20 reps
3. walking lunges - 20 reps
4. plank pulls - 20 reps
I completed 3 rounds in 17:33 min. :P

As far as my diet challenge goes, I feel GREAT, I did not overeat nor had cravings. On occasion I eat a bit more fruit as allowed (or desired), but I still feel like I can do this forever! :)))


  1. good job, but you were cheating! lol your weight was getting lighter as you went! ha ha!

    I used 15lb dumbbells and put 2 20lbers on a towel finished in 16:03 min but didn't find it that hard and did another workout afterwards. I used all the same weights as zuzana but dragging 40lbs on a towel wasn't anywhere as hard as her dragging that dumbbell across the rubber floor in that gym! next time I'll have to figure a way to make it harder, hmmm...

    1. LOL, cheating. :) I put away all the evidence, so no one needs to know ... ;)