Friday, 28 September 2012

600 rep sexier body

Wiped out!!! Zuzana was insane! Putting together this never ending exhausting workout was purely mean! And on top of it all I did not come close to her old or new time for this routine. Well, in my difence I've been feeling a bit sick for the past three days (sore throat, low energy etc.), but I pushed myself today and completed this sweat endless session. :)

Here's the workout breakdown:
1. half burpee with calve raise - 60 reps
2. one leg push up - 60 reps
3. jump lunges - 60 reps
4. one leg dead lift - 30 reps each leg
5. crunches with leg extentions - 60 reps
6. prisoner squat & front kick - 60 reps
7. one leg tricep dip - 60 reps
8. one leg jump knee up - 30 reps each leg
9. chest lift - 60 reps
10. over the chair kick - 30 reps each leg
My time was 38:07 min. I managed all push ups in proper form, so that gives me extra points comparing to Zuzana. ;) I'm quite pleased with the result, though I have approx. 10 min in reserve (I know I could finish it inside 30 min). Have a great week-end everyone, I'll probably do the new ZWOW tomorrow morning, but I'm not sure how I'll feel. I certainly won't do a workout on sunday, because I'm going to a friend's picnic and staying there). If not earlier, I'll see you again on monday. Bye! :)

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