Wednesday, 12 September 2012

T-Workout #11

First, I'd like to thank tee-w for posting this workout in one of her comments. And second, another thank you to her for commenting at all. :)
I wasn't planning on doing any workouts today (my period started), but then I just put my workout clothes on, warmed up and killed myself with this routine. I had to modify some of the workouts, since I don't have a dip station and Ugi ball, but still managed to incorporate all the muscle groups I should be working in those exercises. Anyway, here's the workout breakdown:

1. plank toe touch & jump squat - 50 reps
2. leg swing/back lunge/knee raise - 50 reps
3. squat on ugi - 50 reps
4. supergirl plank - 50 reps
5. plank 3 way jumps - in/out and forward - 50 reps
6. squat on ugi - 50 reps
7. leg lift & butt lift - 50 reps
8. plank side to side foot touch - 50 reps
9. squat on ugi - 50 reps

My time for this one was 28:45 min. I modified the second exercises for back lunge & knee raise on my pull up bar - let leg swing out, because I don't have enough space to do it. :) And I did regular squats instead of touching Ugi with my butt. Surprisingly I felt it incredibly in my legs and in my shoulders, towards the end in my abs as well. All I can say is, it's a good full body burn. Thanks, tee-w, for putting it together!
Love, M

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  1. you're welcome and you're welcome! lol

    you killed my time!