Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Rock it

My leg and knees felt good today, so I decided on completing one of Bodyrock's earliest workouts. This one was posted back in 2009 and was perfect to do it slowly, concentrating on my form. Here's the workou breakdown:

1. one leg jump touch down - 10 reps on each leg
2. one arm push up - 10 reps alternating arms
3. mountain climber kick up - 20 reps
4. maltese sit up - 20 reps

Completed 4 rounds in 21:47 min.

For a while I'll be doing longer workouts, mostly time challenges, I'll slow the pace down a bit and start concentrating on my form. By doing this I intend to improve my posture during the workouts and prevent injuries. This is why I'll be going back to Bodyrock "old school" workouts from 2009 and 2010. And of course I won't let any new ZWOW out. ;)

On a side note I demolished my old PB (30:39 min), on the other hand this was one of my first ever workouts I did when I started working out with Zuzana. That was approx. 2 years ago. :)

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