Monday, 10 September 2012

Caught stripping fat

Today I revisited an older Zuzana workout. Here's its breakdown and my scores for it:

Part 1
6 minute countdown - complete as many sets as possible of the following routine:
2 commando push ups - roll over - power up - jump forward - mount sandbag onto your upper back - 10 squats - put down sandbag - drop down - roll over = 1 set
I completed 8 full rounds using 7 kg in my bag.

Part 2
6 rounds 10/50 intervals
1. sandbag swing - 29, 27, 26
2. sandbag sit up - 15, 14, 15
Using the same amount of weight as in part 1.

I did not think I would be sweatting as much, but I am! And I managed to complete one more set in the first part than before, in the second part I did not beat my PB, but I was using 3 kg more, so I consider it as an improvement. :) Great one!

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