Tuesday, 2 October 2012

ZWOW #36 & Re ZWOW #26

First let me appologise for not posting since friday. I was sick and had to lay down a bit to cure my sore throat and overall being. I'm OK now and decided to combine two recent ZWOWs. Here are their breakdowns:

ZWOW #36
1. 4-point hops - 10 reps
2. 4-point punches - 10 reps
3. supergirl plank - 10 reps
4. thrusters - 10 reps
Completed 3 rounds in 10:57 min using 2 x 4,5 kg weights for punches and thrusters. 5 min later followed, ZWOW #26 which I did once before and you can find its breakdown here. Although this time I did not do any skipping. :)

I also finished my first Primal Blueprint 21 day challenge. It was a pleasant experience, though I did not stick to it 100%. I did not eat any primal non-approved types of food, but on days I ate more fruit than recommended and this meant higher carbohydrate intake than desired. I also had two picnics during this time and I did not fall off the wagon once, I just had more wine than I should, especially since I was getting used to this kind of eating and living, actually. As the end result - did I become fat adapted? I couldn't say that, but to me I made an impressive start to someting ew and exciting in my life. I still have a long way to go - maybe the next 21 days will be the ones that I'll finally grasp and make the best out of them.
Most desired side effect was weight loss. It didn't happen and that made me angry and wanting to quit it alltogether. But my boyfriend said that he can see changes in my body composition, my skin got better and apparently this poses something I'm not used to - working to achieve my goals, be patient and believe in the process and myself to be able to achieve what I want. Wanting something RIGHT NOW is so modern-like attitude, but the truth is - I like my personal growth alongside physical changes and adaptations. Now I consider it as a journey, a marathon (yes, I still have some goals) and am looking forward to discovering what I'm capable of and what kind of person I can be.
So, thanks, Mark Sisson, for your primal advice and enthusiasm!

It's good to "be back", to harness yourself, take controll and go where you want to. And at the same time learn the art of patience and determination. It really feels good. :)

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