Friday, 19 October 2012

Bodyrock - bloody mock!

I decided to write this post just because I want to spread the word about BR being a complete farse and exploiting hosts. I found Lish's new FB website and decided to follow her. She put some interesting stories about her not getting paid, treating hosts and more on her FB wall.

Reading that stuff I was horrified, angry and at the same time glad Lish had the guts to come forward and slap that BR threesome into the face.

There was something interesting I found out - all that "hard work" and "late night posts" etc. is just a sharade and a consequence of their partying, late night drinking and immature behaviour. You can see what happens if too much money goes to people who don't deserve it - by "deserve" I mean working hard to earn it and take corresponding amount of responsibility that comes with it. If anything, they act very irresponsible despite being in a position of "role models" and "changing people's lives".

The latest messages they managed to portray through their posts, films and behaviour is: "you are only as good as the amount of money you spend on correcting your "imperfections" through medical procedures, chronic undereating and moving your ass". You simply cannot get as skinny as Lisa unless you are thrown under constant undereating or either some serious eating disorder. She shows obvious signs of an eating disordered mindset through ways she treats her body, message she spreads amongst people who follow her and being on the verge of tears when she's not as fit as she thinks she should be. She even has "fat days" as she calls them! You'd have to be seriously deluded to claim you're fat having her body. She CANNOT be a role model unless she makes up her mind and embrace herself the way she is, full stop!

On the other hand, the "spoiled brat duo" dictate payments, aesthetic ideals and sexual content, which is undeniable a part of BR. Some people mind it, some don't, in the end it all comes down to what BR trully is - a money making machine that doesn't care about people.

It's an angry post, some of you might not agree with me, but at least check Lish's story before you judge and make up your mind. Here's the link: Have a great weekend!


  1. hi masage

    I followed the link you provided for lish, thanks, she was my favourite lately. though I can't find anything your saying, perhaps because its a new page? I can believe much of it as I've been thinking along those lines since zuzana left. I sure miss how it was before then, they never flaunted how much money they had, they seemed to live pretty simple, and the workouts seemed to be all about what zuzana did and she invited us along. I can tell now that they are just putting up videos for people to do but its not what they use to keep in shape. lisa must do endless amounts of cardio and sean has to still be doing weights. lisa has lost muscle mass since we met her in dec and is unrecognizable, and sean manages to keep muscle mass but doesn't have the endurance in the videos. and I personally hate all the lies freddy has told, and the constant spending of money and shallowness is really sad plus the back handed jabs at zuzana and copying of other workouts. zuzana always seemed so in love with him.....maybe she was just a really good actress? it is just all so sad!

    1. Hi, tee!
      Unfortunately Lish (or someone else) deleted the posts talking about stuff I summoned up in the above post not even a day later. Maybe there was some action going on between her and BR that we don't know about and therefore those posts were removed.
      Bodyrock has become so money oriented that it lost the very thing that made it somewhat "special" - personal approach and welcoming atmosphere. Sad that it came to this, but that's just the reality.
      In a way it's good that Z started her own business, this way we could see who made the REAL bodyrock.

  2. Hi, it's my fist time on your blog. Well, first I found your comment about Lisa's next butt implant rude but at the same time, I understand what you were saying. BR is now so money oriented, all the pictures post with big bags of diesel, prada, etc, makes me sick. Zuzana would had never do those kind of thing, that's not in her personnality. So again, we now who was the spririt behind BR and now we know who it is.

    Lisa is so thin, I do not love her that much but I know she is trying her best. She seems so much happier this summer in Spain far from Freddy. As soon as she come back with him, she goes to that uneccessary nose f*** surgery. Poor girl. As you mention, she probably have eating disorder and in the last post on BR site she said that she was not in good shape. She definitly don't have a right perception on herself.

    And Sean? He is taking steroids. I am pretty sure of that. Have you watched him? Week one he have pretty pump chest. Week two, less, week three, less again. At bit of steroid and he is getting back to a really pump chest, etc...And as Tee said, he do not have the endurance in the workouts with Mila it was so apparent

    Well, I just hope we won't find Lisa in hospital for eating disorder or something else. I am worried.

    Thanks for letting me comment here

    1. Hi! Thanks for commenting! :)
      I posted that comment intendedly sarcastic, because we all can see now that BR has become a total farse. And all the explanations and excuses in the world cannot hide true colours of the sad reality that they are loosing it.
      That steroid thing - never thought about it before, but you made an interesting point.
      I think they are victims of their own "vision" and thus everything is falling apart. Sadly, they are going to face consequences - health or orherwise.
      Have a nice day and feel free to comment any time! :)