Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Body on fire

Today I did one of Bodyrock's older workouts ptu together by Zuzana. I've never done it before and I must say it was great fun doing it! :) I liked it so much I added an extra round at the end just to do six exercises six time through. Here's the workout breakdown:

3 rounds 40/40 intervals
1. over and under (left to right)
2. over and under (right to left)
3. happy dancing crab
4. tripple knee tucks
5. pistol & Kozańćek
6. swimming push up
Repeat 5 times for a 20 min workout. Wit an extra round I completed 24 min routine and had fun with it. :)

One other thing - I'm thinking of doing Whole30 chalenge. I'll probably give this to myself as a birthday gift (it's on Saturday). ;) I find Mondays as great opportunities to start something new and this will most likely be it. I just have to gather as many info as I can before I start doing it. If anyone has any experience with it, please be welcome to write it in the comment section below any post.

Have a great day, everyone! :)


  1. Hi! Found you on the fly and thought I'd stop to say that we have the same fitness mentality. I've subbed ya...