Monday, 15 October 2012

Diet decisions ...

As promised, here's the diet post.

I got The paleo solution by Robb Wolf as a birthday gift from my boyfriend and it was literally THE BEST birthday present EVER! My heart was beating with excitement and I wass hugging and kissing him like crazy. It took only once to mention I wanted the book and that they have it in one of the bookstores and it was enough for him to remember and get me one copy. He's so sweet and caring I can't tell you enough. I consider myself a lucky bastard. :) This means I'll be reading this book for a while now and put my Whole30 aside. Let me explain this decision.

I'm not sure, if I mentioned that I'm currently going through an education process to get a personal trainer licence. I decided on taking part on this course, because I am cooperating with a training studio that literally adopted me and wants to continue working with me in the future. SO lucky to be in this position nowadays! People are extremely nice and willing to help where they can so that we could fully start our business partnership. So the owner of this studio offered me help with my diet. She knows about my paleo oriented ways of eating and I even lended her my copy of Mark Sisson's The primal bluepint. I'm now on a day one of writing down my diet schedule (it will take me a week before I can send her my notes) and when I'm done, she will analyze it and present me with some guidelines on how to achieve my fitness and health goals inside primal guidelines. All this free of charge! Yay! :)))) This is why I'm ditching my intentions to start this Whole30 programme - I want a proffessional oppinion and support to sort things out once and for all. I had a bit of a roller coaster with food in the past and since then haven't found the middle ground and struggled with it for several years. Since I'm starting a career as a personal trainer (and therefore a role model for all my future clents), I feel it's the right time to put things into perspective and prosper from the steps I'm taking. If anything, I want to set myself for a fruitful future. :)

I'll leave it here. There's a lot of things going on in my life right now and I haven't managed to reduce stress levels yet. Though I can't tell how I'll manage all the changes that are occuring, I'm optimistic about my nearing fitness journey.

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