Friday, 20 July 2012

ZWOW #26

Doing this one was so much fun! But SOOO hard on my abs! I stopped a few times just to sympathize with my tortured abs and continued to work out 'till the beeper went off. What a sound of relief! :)

I couldn't write down my scores for this one, so I'm bringing workout breakdown only:

10 rounds 30/30 intervals
1. side plank with leg lift & jump up (R)
2. side crunch (R)
3. side plank leg lift & jump up (L)
4. side crunch (L)
5. side to side squat
6. side to side push ups
7. knee hugs
8. elbow plank
9. pike press
10. plank jumps

Ater finishing the workout, I set my Gymboss interval timer for 15 rounds 10/30 intervals and did an extra 10 min od jump rope skipping. Drenched in sweat! :)

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