Tuesday, 17 July 2012

ZWOW #4 revisit and some updates

This is my first post after a long break from posting on my blog. I was on holiday for two weeks (god, I love the sea!) and moved to another apartment. Now I'm facing some financial difficulties and am in search for my first job. For me this is probably one of the most stressful life situations. Unsure of whether I'll be able to pay my rent and expences, whether I'll get a job quick enough to be able to afford this kind of life and where to go, if I won't make it. But I'm not here to moan about my messed up situation, I am here to share my scores of the workout I did today.

It was a revisit to one of Zuzana's earlier ZWOWs, ZWOW #4. Since I did it already, I'll only post my scores, for the workout breakdown visit my older post.
This time I managed to beat my old PB by exactly 2 min, completing it in 23:14 min. I used the same amount of weight as I did before and am pleased with results, even though I know I still have some room for improvement, maybe to finish it under 20 min? We'll see ... :)

During my vacation I did some exercising as well (did not fall off the wagon) and surprisingly stuck to Primal Blueprint principles effortlessly! Well, at least I did not consume any carbs, whatsoever, sugars, I even reduced fruit to a few apricots, apples, peaches and a banana. The only exception was alcochol and dairy products (which I don't intend to ditch right now) - I know, I know - but that was it! And I feel GREAT! :) As for the exercises, mostly I did older ones that required no equipment and I won't post them. I can tell you that I managed to beat all my personal bests for those. :) The ones I will post are recent ZWOWs (I believe 24 and 25).

That's about it, I intend to post workout breakdowns and my scores sometime soon. Untill then, bon chance! :)

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