Thursday, 28 June 2012

ZWOW #16 revisit and BR surprises

Today's revisit was quite a killer, but I managed it waaay better than I did before - heavier weights and more rounds completed. Here's the ZWOW breakdown:

15 min AMRAP
1. renegade rows - 10 reps
2. overhead lunges - 10 reps
3. squat jump burpee - 10 reps
4. crab touches - 10 reps each side
5. sumo deadlift high pull - 10 reps
Using 2 x 4,5 kg weights (= 2 x 10 lbs, I think) I completed 3 full rounds and 9 renegade rows. And since I consider myself a Z warrior ;) I finished 4th round in 18:06 min. Man, this was something! :)

Now for some words about recent Bodyrock "moves". Sean came back and I must say that this was by far the best move they could make. He really does explain exercises and what you should be concentrating on while doing them, his tutorials are great and he does not force himself forward. I like him being a bit reserved and professional at the same time. It's a welcome refreshment, because Lisa's pushing and constant "over the topness" got a bit tiring and boring. What is more, a new mom bodyrocker came to workout with Sean, well done, but I hope she'll watch her form in following filmings. Other than that, she came across as cool, calm and very OK person. We'll see how it goes from here.

Well, that's about it, that's pretty much what I wanted to say today. Have a great day! :)

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