Friday, 8 June 2012

ZWOW #21

I haven't enjoyed myself doing a workout as much as with this one for quite some time. It was awsome, especially handstands. I was doing gymnastics for three years in my elementary school (it was the only thing I sticked with for this "long";)) and missed doing it since. Handstands were something to bring back memories and I was really looking forward to starting each round, because I could do them again.:)

Workout breakdown:
10 min AMRAP
1. burpee handstand - 5 reps
2. ninja jumps - 5 reps
3. squat side kick - 10 reps each side
I completed 4 full rounds and 5 burpees in 10 min, but continued to finish fifth round in 11:09 min. Plus bonus jump rope skipping - 2 x 10 minutes 10/20 intervals. Thank you SO MUCH, Zuzana!

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