Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Body heat - couplet workout

The best way to describe this half hour torture is O M G! This was sooooo exhausting, I had to take one minute break between first and second round of couplet nr. 3.
Earlier during the day I made a mistake and payed for it after finishing this routine. I ate a whole 100g package of almonds (my weakness, I simply LOVE them! :)) and now feel it in my stomach - I feel a bit sick. Well, I guess this is one way to test a character and level of your own stupidity and intended ignorance. I actually knew I shouldn't be eating the whole package at once, but once I'm "in it", I can't seem to help myself (luckily there wasn't one 200g package waiting to be opened and eaten, otherwise I probably wouldn't be writing this ... ;)). And the moral of this story? If you are too lazy to make yourself a propper meal, DO NOT workout. Then again, this isn't what I would aim for. Make sensible and sane choices throughout the day, smash a workout and be proud of your achievement. If this still isn't working, than maybe work out on an empty stomach and THEN indulge. Either way, I can say I got the lesson. Though, I'm still not quite sure I will take it into acccount every time I will approach almonds, but I'll do my best. :) On to the workout breakdown:

30 rounds 10/50 intervals, complete 6 rounds of each couplet and then move to another:
1. a) lunge oblique chop - 15, 14, 13
    b) alt. ricebag swing - 28, 28, 28
2. a) half burpee dead lift - 15, 15, 13
    b) weighted squat jump - 23, 18, 20
3. a) clean & press, squat & press - 7, 8, 7
    b) elevated cross knee push up - 12, 10, 10
4. a) 10 plank shoulder touches & 10 plank side steps - 2, 2, 2
    b) sumo squat & press - 11, 10, 12
5. a) arm lift crunch - 24, 20, 20
    b) half burpee high pull - 11, 10, 13
I used 5 kg in each exercise, except for arm lift crunches, which I did without using additional weight.

There was also Sculpt section listed below this one, but to be honest, I don't feel the slightest desire to do a single "squeeze" or "lift". I'm done!

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