Friday, 1 June 2012

ZWOW #20

I was so glad that Zuzana posted her new ZWOW today, because I didn't want to do her previous one - pistols turned me off. :P Here's the workout breakdown and my scores:

Complete 3 rounds of the following exercises:
1. side jump lunge - 20 reps
2. forward backward burpee - 10 reps
3. one leg dip jump - 10 reps on each leg
4. alt. double bridge - 10 reps
My scores: 11:27 min. Which means that I beat Zuzana's scores! ;)

I found double bridge fun and dip jumps extremely painful, as well as burpees. My thighs are not going to be grateful for this tomorrow ... ;)


  1. Nice time!!!
    My scores was 12 minutes! I'll be better next time! :)

    1. Good work! Keep on progressing. :)