Friday, 15 June 2012

ZWOW #22

In the video Zuzana said that this workout was evil. She was right! OMG, my shoulders are DEAD! ;)

Workout breakdown:
- on the minute burpees - 4 reps (do 4 burpees every minute of the workout)
1. chair jumps - 30 reps each side
2. chair push ups - 30 reps (these were total killers)
3. tricep dips - 30 reps
4. sumo squat jumps - 30 reps
5. RDL squat twist - 30 reps
I managed it in 16:49 min. Afterwards I did 10 min of interval skipping (10/20).

There was quite a lot of people asking, how to know, when to start doing burpees - watching time, working out along with Zuzana etc. Well, I solved the problem by setting my Gymboss for 25 rounds one 1 minute interval (it beeped at exactly one minute everytime one round was over) and just stopped it, when I finished. That said, there was some calculation required at the end, but it was easy. I stopped mine and it showed 8 rounds remaining and 11 seconds 'till the end of the round. Every round was one minute long, so I just deducted 8 rounds from 24 (because when you start your timer, it immediately shows one round less, but counts round "0" at the end) and got 16 min. 11 seconds of the current round remained, so I deducted them from 60 seconds (= 1 min) and got 49 seconds I spent doing the last few moves. It might sound complicated, but it's logical and easy. ;)
You are more than welcome to tell me, how you solved the problem with tracking time.

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