Monday, 11 June 2012

ZWOW #19

After a two day break and picnic-based nutrition ;) this, my dears, was the way to start a new week! Ooooh, my butt! NOW I understand Zuzana, when she says that by doing one leg squats you can feel your butt getting tighter. I did not believe it, but I don't have any reason not to believe it anymore. It's definately true. ;) Although I did almost all pistols chair assisted, I got some serious sweatting and butt-firming treatment, undoubtedly. ;)

On to the workout breakdown:
There are 5 rounds of the following exercises:
1. water bottle clean - 10 reps
2. pistol squats - 10 reps each leg
3. water bottle push ups - 10 reps
4. Russian twist - 10 reps per side
5. hip twist - 10 reps per side
6. hollow rock - 10 reps
I did it in 25:20 min. As I said, I had to modify pistols, helping myself on the way up with a chair. I also split them to 5 reps on each leg twice.

In a sense I am proud of myself, because every workout that includes pistols intimidates me. They seem very demanding to me and I know I am going to struggle with them. But I can feel my legs getting stronger and I may even enjoy them someday. This, of course, is currently a part of a distant future.
However, the greatest part of finishing this one, is feeling of victory. Now I can continue my day with one small victory behind me. :)

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