Sunday, 29 April 2012

ZWOW #15 and comeback

I haven't been blogging for a long time, because I was ill and at the end of taking my antibiotics I snapped my knee tendon and I had to rest for nearly a month. I am still recovering but I feel well enough to start training again. So today I did Zuzana's new ZWOW #15.

Workout breakdown:
1. ground to overhead - 10 reps
2. single leg weighted squat - 10 reps each leg
3. skull crushers - 10 reps
4. V. up - 10 reps
5. 180 lat jump burpee - 10 reps

I completed 5 rounds in 27:05 min using 2 x 4,5 kg weights. Although I had to modify first two exercises because my knee does not let me full movements yet, I am proud of myself for completing the whole workout in reasonably decent time, using exactly the same weight as before injury. I could not bring weights to touch the ground, so I did half squats for the first exercise and bent my right knee only half way down for the second. I was still shaking like crazy afterwards and felt great! Burpees were the hardest and I noticed some strength loss in my arms, abs and especially legs - that means overall strength loss. :)

Anyway, I am getting back on track with my training and looking forward to see some changes in strength, conditioning and physical appearance. :)

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