Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Zuzana's pep talk

Today I watched Zuzana's latest pep talk and it was exactly what I needed. I fell off the wagon with my food choices and working out (because of illness) and now that I feel fine I'm regaining my strength and determination to make better choices in life.

When Zuzana mentioned effort and hard work we have to put into whichever area of our lives we choose, this was it. Besides that, she said that every day is a new start and we have to allow ourselves fresh starts. I totally agree with her.

Working hard means paying attention and it often coincides with fresh starts. When we decide to allow ourselves to stop what isn't working for us and look for something different, better and fulfilling, we are often faced with something unknown. New circumstances often require learning, being alert, more brain activity and openness to receiving much more than usual. It's also connected with what we want, with our desires, not so much with our decisions. We have to be determined not to let go, determined to pick ourselves up when we fall, but what drives us comes from within, from our hearts, if you wish, not from knowing what is right and what should be done. The core of our transformation is settled in our most basic needs, our brain is just a tool to help us find ways to achieve what we desire.

I believe that every human being wants to be happy in life. What differs are ways we pick to achieve happiness and satisfaction. It brings peace to our minds and souls. I'll end my post here and wish you all a fresh start - may it be day or night. ;)

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