Friday, 9 March 2012

Glory to the booty

Today's was leg-aching, ab torture cardio murder. :P I did it once before, I knew it would be tough, but I gave it a go and now I feel like I've accomplished something. :) Besides that, I managed to beat my old score by approx. 3 min!

Workout breakdown:

1. high knees - 100 reps
2. ricebag backward lunge kick up - 50 reps each leg (ouch!)
3. high knees - 100 reps
4. ricebag squat - 100 reps (ouch!)
5. high knees - 100 reps
6. sit ups - 25 reps
7. side crunch - 25 reps each side
8. bicycle - 25 reps (OUCH!)

My time was 19:28 min using 7 kg in my bag. I feel I still have some reserve, I could do it at least 2 min faster. That is my challenge for next time I'm doing it.

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