Saturday, 3 March 2012


Workout breakdown:

1. jump lunge side kick - 10 reps
2. super girl push ups - 10 reps
3. jump rope - 2 min
4. love bends with ricebag - 10 reps
Repeat circuit 3 times. I did it in 16:17 min using 7 kg in my bag.

The hardest for me was jump rope skipping. I really suffered during those two minutes. :) I need to do something about my physical condition. More jump rope skipping! :) That's why I added an extra 8 minutes of skipping, 10/20 intervals. Second half of skipping I did 10 seconds jumping with feet together and for 20 seconds high knees - it was better than taking 10 sec as rest interval! From now on I'm doing my skipping like that. Yaaaay! :)

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