Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Paleo update #1

On Monday I was one week into paleo way of eating, moving and so on. I must say that I feel incredible good, no cravings whatsoever, energy levels normal and I never overeat, with what I had problems with for a long time.

Even though I would like to loose some of my body fat, because I have some extra that I can do without, I don't calculate grams of carbs, proteins and fat I consume during the day. Honestly, I don't feel like paying attention to it. I read that 50-100 grams of carbs per day is enough for your body to start using stored fat as its fuel, but wondering, if I can consume an extra orange or not simply does not make any sense to me. I eat what I feel like at the moment and how much I feel like eating. Because I know I can't reach the carb intake I used to when I was eating bread, sweets and pasta. Even if I make some excess considering grams of carbs, I usually balance it the next day. I don't even feel like eating a lot of sugary items (fruit and dark chocolate) after a day of my sweet tooth raging. ;)

You are probably wondering, why I mention dark chocolate with paleo way of eating. Shouldn't it be just meat, vegetables and healthy fats? Mostly yes, but dark chocolate is allowed. It helps me gain some energy, if I lack it, and I consider it helpful in terms of avoiding stuffing my face with sweets like I could before. You can read more about benefits of eating dark chocolate, when you're going paleo here. To me, the best one is that with 85% of cocoa, because I can't eat a lot of it at once (because I would feel sick), it gives me some pleasure and I have no cravings for more or for something sweet (that I can't say for milk chocolate, it insanely calls for more!:P). I also make myself cocoa from time to time. I use full fat fresh milk and raw cocoa powder. No sugar, no sweetener and in my opinion it tastes wonderful, it's warm and perfect for late evening treat. ;)

What I have to focus on more is eating more vegetables and proteins. I confess, I'm prone to laziness, so I usually go with almonds, yoghurt and cottage cheese or take an apple when I'm hungry. I noticed that I started to loose some of my strength doing my workouts and because I want to progress in terms of my strength and overall performance and health (plus get rid of excess fat), I need to beat my laziness and start preparing my food. Like I do with cocoa. ;)

What is more, I go outside more frequently, meet with friends and catch some sunlight. We have lovely winter here in Slovenia, it's really warm this year and there was practically no snow - my kind of winter! :) I needed fresh air and to feel warmth of rays on my face really bad. I guess my skin is to improve some time soon, but I don't want to make assumptions too quickly and jump to conclusions. Let's see what the future brings, shall we? ;)

So far, so good. I'm pleased with how I feel, eat and live at the moment. Finally I own the feeling that I have myself under control. No more emotional eating and no more cravings. Decision has been made and the will to stick with it is strong. Where there's a will, there's a way. :)

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