Sunday, 2 December 2012

The strength beast

Hello there! :)

Ohh, this one gave me such shoulder pains! Though it is Sunday, I found an opportunity to work out, clean my appartment and study for my really fast approaching fitness trainer licence exam. :) I'm SO happy it's finally comming true, the first step towards my ambitions to become some sort of "lifestyle coach". Oh, well, 'till then it's still quite a long way to go in terms of gaining knowledge and personal growth. But this is another story, I'm here to "report" my scores and provide you with the link to the site and workout breakdown. Let's do it!

This is an upper body workout and as you'll see I couldn't finish it. I still did my best:

1. Inward Palm One Leg Diagonal Push-Up – 50 reps (7:35 min)
2. 8 Crab Kicks & 8 Crab Grab Combo & Walk Over – 10 reps (4:51 min)
3. Pike-Ups & Split Star – 25 reps (1:58 min)
4. Double Bear Push-Ups – 50 reps (8:52 min; I did last 20 reps off of my knees)
5. Pike-Ups & Split Star – 25 reps (1:56 min)
6. Two Way Pull-Ups – 20 reps (couldn't do them)
7. Two Way Bicycle – 50 reps (0:38 min)
8. Two Way Pull-Ups – 20 reps (didn't do them)

Well, maybe I could push myself through those 40 reps of pull ups, but my shoulders and triceps were so sore that I decided to call it a day. I've never seen my triceps standing out that much, it felt really got and firm. I thought it might be badly inflamed, so I stopped and had some stretching afterwards. It felt really good and it's OK now. For now. :)

Another thing: it started snowing here in Slovenia. I don't know about you, but I hate snow and winter. It's allways cold, wet and dark. On the brighter side, it helps normalising the amount of insects that bother me during hot days. ;) Well, I suppose we should just take it as it is and make something good out of it. For me it will be endless hours of cuddling with my boyfriend in our small warm appartment. :) Hope you start your week full of energy and creative energy! :)

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