Friday, 30 November 2012

ZWOW #45

Hi y'all! (hope it's spelled right ;))

Normally I'd start a post with the choice of workout for the day. Why should I change things now? I don't have much time, so I'll quickly "report" what I did today. Here's Zuzka's latest creation:

- buy in competition burpee & knee hug - 30 reps
Completed in 5:17 min. I was focusing on form rather than speed.

1. handstand & push up - 10 reps
2. weighted squat jumps - 20 reps
3. row & knee tuck - 10 reps
4. 3 jump lunges & side kick - 10 reps
There were only two rounds of the routine and I managed them in 13:26 min. For the squat jumps I did not use any weight (my knee, as usual), but for the rows I picked up my standard weight, 4,5 kg each dumbbell. I feel I could do it faster, but my free weights are round and were sliding accross the floor (including me). :)

That's it for today, because I have to run for a job interview. Cross my fingers it all works out well! :) Have a nice day, everyone!

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