Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fifth element abs

Hellooo after a longer break! I had to take it due to my knee injury starting to bother me again. Swollen knee and occasional pain were a good enough reason for me to take the break my body needed.

Now, onto the workout. I decidd to try one of Tatianna's Loving fit workouts. I chose an ab routine, because I thought it won't be as hard as some of the others. And oh, was I wrong! It was my debut one and I must say - I've never EVER felt the need to cry after or during a workout, however this one pushed me to the edge during the first four minutes! :O I did not actually cry, but I was begging for the timer to beep. ;)
Anyway, here's the workout breakdown:

 Part1 (4 rounds 30/30 intervals)
1. Reptile Plank Right Leg
2. Mini Leg Lifts
3. Reptile Plank Left Leg
4. Mini Leg Lifts

Part 2
1. Weightless Crunch – 30 reps
2. Flexed Feet count 2 Scissors – 30 reps
3. Pointed Toes Reversed Scissors – 30 reps
4. Weighted Hard Rock Hard Core Exercise – 30 reps
5. Double Side Crunch – 20 reps per side
6. Weighted Bicycle – 50 reps
For the second part I used 4,5 kg weight and completed it in 22:11 min! Insane! I never thought my time would be that long, but in my defence I was watching my form and concentrating on proper execution.

Would I recomend Tatianna's routines? Definately! Most of her workout regimen is based on split training - upper body, lower body and ab routines. She also does some full body workouts, but most of the time she decides to torture one body segment at the time. ;) I find her approach to fitness really inspiring and down to earth. This is what makes me want to follow her and learn more. Lovingfit is the site definately worth visiting.


  1. So, were you sore?

    1. Ohhh, if this is what you call dying abs, then yes, I am. ;) I still felt them like crazy 2 days after. Glad you're doing Tati's work, too. :)

    2. I do them sometimes, I find them too much, sometimes. she is really advanced! but she is really sweet and I love her site!