Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tailfeather posse

Oh, Tati, you're so cruel,
oh, Tati, you're so cool,
oh, Tati, you're no fool,
oh, Tati, after this one I need some FUEL! :))

Regardless of my poetic outburst, here's my first Tati's lower body workout routine:

1. 2 Back Lunges & Jump Squat Combo – 12 reps
2. Toe Lifts – 30 reps
3. Dumbbell Swing – 30 reps
4. Isometric Squat Side Bends – 20 reps
Completed 5 rounds in 31:49 min using 7 kg in every exercise that required weight.

Iam able to walk now, but wait 'till tomorrow - my only friend would surely turn out to be my bed. And my boyfriend as my personal butler. ;)
Have a great day, everyone!

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