Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bodyweight madness

And madness it is! This is second longest workout I ever did and it really kicked my ass! Even though Tatianna prefers split routines - upper and lower body separated - I pretty much fell in love with this brutality put together. :) Here's the workout breakdown:

1. Surfee & 2 Kick Backs – 30 reps
2. One Leg Squat & Back Lunge Kick Up – 50 Reps
3. One Leg Shoulder Press & Bomber Combo – 20 reps
4. Side Lunge Kick Up – 25 reps per side
5. Dynamic Twisting Push Ups – 30 reps
6. Low Side Step & Twist – 60 reps
7. Double Bridge – 60 reps
8. Toe Lift & Sun Combo – 50 reps
I dropped on my mat at 44:56 min, glad that it's OVER! :) I had to do some modifications due to my injury and muscle tiredness. For one leg squats I had to put xtended leg on the floor for support and only did them half way down. I didn't want to overdo it and my knee needs to get used to extra pressure gradually. After the 14th rep of the 3dr exercise I had to do bombers off of my knees - my deltoideus was too tired to allow me perform bombers, but still srtong enough to manage pike press.

The hardest for me was the first exercise with never ending surfees. I really struggled with it, but I managed all 30 of them with my body aching and motivation dropping. Still, I pushed through, it was really hard, but I'm proud of myself for not giving up and surrendering. :)

Now for something off topic. I have been slacking with my blog posts, fitness and food regimen, because I have troubles getting my life in order. It's about my life costs and being broke. I have trouble finding work and I already had some arrangements made, the introduction to what my future work will look like done, and one day before starting my new job they told me they won't be employing anyone, so I was left with nothing. From there on it went down. I'm currently working on that and will be posting workouts I do here, but I can't guarantee you longer posts, only workout breakdowns and my scores. Hope you understand that.

Anyway, have a great day everyone and happy Thanksgiving to all American followers! :)


  1. Hang in there and with persistence, hopefully you'll find employment. I follow Tatiana and saw your post on her new loving fit FB page and love reading blogs, so checked yours out. I love her workouts and do pretty well for an old lady!! I have been doing splits for about 6 months along with jogging about 18 to 20 miles a week. Soon, I'll be changing the foot gear to snowshoes.
    Exercise will get you through the tough times, keep on working out!

    1. Oh, Kim, that was so nice of you! :) I do hang on, but sometimes it gets me - cannot help myself, only human.
      I just don't get the "old lady" thing. I'm pretty sure you're quite young considering that you participate in blog conversations and do Tati's split routines. ;)
      Well, feel free to visit my blog anytime you like, I'm glad I got to know another one of my readers. Best! :)